Anybody heard from Pepper?

Discussion in 'Spirituality/Worship' started by Asatrump, May 21, 2007.

  1. Asatrump

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    She has been missing a few days, I know her son had surgery, and the on going job situation. I figure when people go missing either things are better or worse, but will remember her in my prayers.
  2. caffey

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    Pepper is ok. Her son had surgery last week. He is doing well. Then there were some family events. I will tell her that you all are asking about her.
  3. pepper

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    for noticing I was MIA. I have been feeling better! I got some herbs from my ND that are helping me sleep some better and I get up earlier and am able to do more. I had considered posting a praise report but thought that it was still too early to be that optimistic. I am just hoping that it keeps up.

    I am working in my garden and I even cleaned out the garage yesterday. Half way through I figured that I must have lost my mind thinking that I could do such a big job so I had to take it easy for the last hours. But I finished it! And it is organized for the first time since I got sick 14 yrs ago.

    My son is healing nicely from his surgery. He even went back to work today. He stopped by here on his way home and he was very tired which is not like him. But I think that he went back to work too early. His shoulder is healing slowly but he can move it better than I thought he would be able to only one week later.

    This is Birthday Season in our family. We will celebrate Birthday #4 tomorrow - in one month. Oldest son, his wife, my hubby, younger son tomorrow. On top of Mothers Day. A lot of "family stuff". But I seem to be able to handle it better these days! Thank God for that.

    Thanks for asking after me, Asa.
    Love, Judy
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  4. Asatrump

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    Glad you are on the OK side of the page! You sounds wonderfully ambitious, praise for getting that garage cleaned, must be nice to actually accomplish something.