anybody here have meningitis

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  1. mythree

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    I had Meningitis as a child and have had aches and pains all my life. Has anyone else had this? I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia at age 26 when I got brave enough to amplain to a DR about hurting all over (at 26). Referred to a number of Docs felt crazy(LOL). I now have RA and was curious if anyone else had meningitis.
  2. justlooking

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    I had mono at about 12 and then had meningitis when I was 13/14. Always had headaches but began getting fatigue problmes and severe migraines that lasted weeks at a time at 28 and then chronic muscle pain at 32.
    Diagnosed with FM first at age 33 and then had a subsequent diagnosis of CFS at 36.

    I'm now 38 and have been out of work since I was 34 and won SSDI almost 2 years ago. I do believe for me that both mono and meningitis contributed to me getting sick.

    As a matter of fact when I was in the hospital for the meningitis the Dr told me I would have lifelong problems with headaches as a result because it damaged my brain at the base of my skull where the brain meets the spinal cord.

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    My neck on that side has been tender ever since. At the time, I thought I was gonna die. I've never had such a headache. I could not walk. It was horrible.

    Love, Mikie