Anybody here show an elevated CPK (CK) serum level in blood tests

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    The normal range for males is apparently 32-198 U/L (Units of enzyme per litre). On testing, mine was only slightly elevated at 216, but I was wondering whether elevated CK levels were common in people with FMS..?
    (For those that don't know, CK -- Creatine Kinase -- is a muscle enzyme that is released into the bloodstream when the muscles are damaged. They can be very high levels in some autoimmune disorders, myositis etc).
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    Wow.. Im not sure on this but.. last week I had to make a trip to the ER with chest pain. The ER Dr did all the normal proceures for the heart.. he said my heart checked out fine.. ( ended up doing the stress test/echogram the next day to make sure )
    but some of the blood work showed that I had severe muscle breakdown / muscle inflammation ..I mentioned that I had fms/mps/cfs when I went in. I never thought to ask what test it was that he found that with.. plus.. he didnt give me numbers.. He just said to use tylenol and moist heat for chest pain. Guess I will have to ask my regular Dr when they return from vacation on the 12th here. Now Im curious.. Thanks for the information.. :)
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    In order for our muscles to repair themselves, we must have sufficient deep sleep and magnesium. It is during deep sleep and exercise that human growth hormone is released.

    The ZMA sold here has helped many to achieve better quality sleep. It contains magnesium, zinc, and vitamin B-6. You can also increase magnesium by soaking in Epsom salts in a hot bath before bedtime. This site also sells magnesium and malic acid which has many as well.

    Love, Mikie
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    Thank you.. I have such problems taking any kinds of medicines that its unreal.. with the Gerd it sure doesnt help on the stomach. is this stuff easy on the stomach or make it worse if you have gerd? thanks.. have to do errands but will be sure to check later on this .. it sure sounds like its something to check into .. :)
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    Dear Marcus and Brandywine:

    Like both of you I just finished going through a thousand dollars of testing at the ER. I had been showing an elevated CRP (not a CPK) but that is an indicator of an inflammation somewhere in your body. Usually it signals the vessels of the heart are inflammed. After experiencing chest, jaw and left arm pain I went to the ER and they checked my triponin level to see if I was giving off enzymes that signal heart muscle damage. The doctor was not completely satisfied that all was normal even though my EKG was normal, as was the triponin level. He had me come back for an Adenosine Thallium Treadmill. Yesterday, I got the results of my complete lipid panel and it was normal. What my doctor asked me to do was to take my Prilosec morning and evening when I was having an episode of chest pain, for three days and then go back to one a day. I go to the local Pain Relief Center and due to multiple allergies, I can only take the mildest of pain relievers and a small dosage of musle relaxer, Zanaflex. At the end of every day my pain level goes up and thus my blood pressure. I take one kind of BP med in the morning and another at night. My medicine shelf is a minor pharmacy. I will return next month to my rheumy for a recheck. He said that he wanted to start me on two more medications for the concomittant arthritis. Having FMS since I was eighteen means I have lived with it almost all my life. Since I did not know what was causing the bouts of pain I would have, I went on to have a career and raise a family, living a normal life until the age of 42. Things started to become difficult then, starting with my vision. I have been tested for every autoimmune disease under the sun and all were negative. I did however have a small lacunar stroke at sometime and it healed over. No one can identify when it happened. I am left with some left sided weakness and memory problems that were no different than the "brain fog" of FMS. I am hoping that you will not be too alarmed about your CPK being elevated but that you will be cautious when you feel changes in your body. Even if you feel foolish, it pays to check them out. Best wishes for a more comfortable future. Fran (B-Lou-2)
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    I dont think that level is anything to worry about. Normal range is up to 269. The level in males is higher than females due to more muscle mass. I have dermatomyositis and my ck level was 20,000 at one time.
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    had high levels of this and the doctor told my daughter that he may have FM because they were high. Not sure what that meant just passing it on as of what the doctor told her. Danisue