Anybody herx after MRI?

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    By admin | January 26, 2008

    Many Lyme disease patients report a severe Jarisch Herxheimer reaction and worsening of symptoms after receiving an MRI (magnetic resonance imaging test), particularly if the dye gadolinum (sometimes misspelled gadolinium) has been used.

    There are no scientific reports in the literature investigating this phenomenon. Lyme patients have conjectured that the frequency used in the MRI could approximate one that is supposedly toxic to the Borrelia organism, somewhat similar to how Rife machines work. Others have posted on Lyme forums their belief that the metal gadolinium is the culprit by causing “heavy metal toxicity.”

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    I had a series of MRIs with contrast media in 2001 when hospitalized with my own "Mystery Diagnosis". Everything was blamed on sarcoidosis but there was an untreated tick bite on my leg at the time.

    Right after one of the MRIs, I couldn't speak or swallow. I SWORE it was the contrast media. But then I had another MRI without contrast media because my kidneys and liver were shutting down and this didn't happen.

    I think there is something to this. Anyone else? Do you have UBO's or unidentified white objects? or lesions? Me too!