Anybody interested in supporting each other in gentle exercise ?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Alyssa-Admin, Feb 3, 2015.

  1. Alyssa-Admin

    Alyssa-Admin Active Member

    Hi everyone, I am sure that quite a few of you identify with a combination of weight gain through lack of movement (and energy!), eating foods that might not be the best for us (but let's face it, unfortunately, pre-made food is cheap, easy and no cooking!).

    I cut out sugar and starches - and we were eating really well. But, it was not easy - nor was it cheap. The best thing I found is to be able to get a meal stretch to at least 2 more meals for us.

    I used to be 'in the zone' in regards to getting my weight back under control down to a size 12 (American). I was doing so well...and then Christmas 2013 (last year) came...(We call it Snackmas...the time of year to snack.) and Snack we did...and I am right back to a size 20. I have tried at least 4 times in the past 2 years to get back on track...and have failed. (And failed the other night when the husband came home from McDonald's (which we NEVER eat at), with a banana milkshake, hot apple pie and a McFlurry.

    I think I have a problem saying 'No thank you!'

    So. Anybody interested in starting some gentle exercise together? See how we are doing with it, and support each other.

    My other 'issue' is that because I am hypermobile, at the time of doing the activity I feel fine...2 days later, I can barely, I am going to attempt to pace myself a bit more this time... :) Oh I do hope we have some takers! :)
  2. Willow77

    Willow77 Active Member

    I am interested in getting back into gentle exercise too.
    I was doing some Qi Gong and doing really well with it
    but after getting sciatica I stopped exercising as it was too painful.
    The sciatica is finally better and I want to start exercising to get
    ready for the next gardening season. I find that doing only a few
    easy exercises keeps me from getting really bad post activity pain.
    I do need to stay within limits as my back can give me real problems.

    I gave my large dog a haircut a few days ago using scissors, clippers are too expensive,
    and from the bending and stretching for over an hour, the pain the next
    day was surprising to me. Last year, with doing exercises every few days,
    I would have had no problem except for the trouble getting back up off the floor.
    That ain't pretty that's for sure.

    I need to work on eating better. My weight isn't that much of an issue but I am not eating very healthy.
    I was eating a fruit salad with at least 3 different fruits and vegetable juice but towards the end
    of last summer I became too exhausted and stopped. (It's a lot of work to do all that chopping.)
    It was all I could do to load the dishwasher and pack my husbands lunch for work and a few loads of
    laundry a week. I stopped going outside to work on the garden, cleaning house which I
    don't do all that often because of lack of energy.

    The glare of the sun and the heat wipe me out. Where I live in California there are rain and
    clouds for 6 months and no clouds or rain and glaring hot sun for about 3 months and then thankfully
    it starts to cool of some with a few clouds here and there.
    By mid-July I am feeling weak and headachey from all the glare and
    brightness which can make me feel low. Getting out and getting my hands in the dirt usually cheers me
    back up. So I need to force myself to go out just before sunset and do something in the garden.
    When my husband retires I so much want to move somewhere that gets rain and clouds all year. It
    is only the last few years that the sun has bothered me.

    I need to get a TV for my husbands den as that is the only room in the house with an
    area big enough that I can do the exercises, I like to use a video. I don't remember
    the exercises without it. I was thinking of getting a new tai chi video. I can't find
    anymore Qi Gong ones locally. I should probably try Amazon.
    The physical therapist said for that for me, Qi Gong was probably the best kind of exercise.

    So in a long round about way I guess I am saying, count me in.
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  3. Alyssa-Admin

    Alyssa-Admin Active Member

    Hi Willow! Welcome aboard!

    Want to trade homes? We live in Scotland...lots of cloud and rain... :) No snow though - not where we are.

    I have not tried Qi Gong. I went to a Tai Chi class (once...the instructor spent all their time with the established people and put us newbies in a corner with a copy of a copy of a copy of the different movements...we were lost!). I bought a Yogalates DVD - says it will help tone, shape, sculpt...I need all of that and more! :) I have to use a DVD as well, otherwise I am lost.

    I think a lot of us who aren't well really experience the weather a lot more than others. I can't cope with heat and humidity (so maybe California not the best place for me!).

    Well, I think I really overdid it today with my excercises - 43 minutes! But now I can hardly's the front muscles on my know the ones you don't think about until you need to sit down on the toilet or walk down stairs?

    Have you ever tried water exercises? I have been to a few different classes....but I found that the jumping up and down on the floor of the pool (running etc) not good for my neck, so I just go over to the side of the pool and cling there....doing stretches!

    Amazon will most likely have loads of different DVDs available (you do mean DVD and not video, right?!).

    Glad to count you in! Hopefully there will be some other people on board as well.

    Are you taking supplements etc to help you with your energy at all?

    Have a good, easy, pain free day.

  4. Alyssa-Admin

    Alyssa-Admin Active Member

    So today was an interesting day...One forgets when one is hyper mobile how easy it is to not realise you are over stretching...which of course. I did. Bizarrely, going down stairs is a lot harder than going up them...BUT. I went out for a walk today, I also tidied up a bit of the garden (read scraped up dead leaves from the stone patio). And my roomie and I are following this app (free - can't remember name) and it is a 30 day challenge. Only takes a few minutes a day...but each day it gets harder and harder. I knew that if I DIDN'T exercise today, then it would probably not happen tomorrow either...

    Getting into a routine is so important!

    Surely there must be a few more customers interested in supporting each other with this endeavour!

  5. RadioFM

    RadioFM Active Member

    What, Naked?

    -That's one way to get this forum going a bit more LOL :rolleyes:


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  6. Willow77

    Willow77 Active Member

    You're right, I meant DVD. Qigong is 18 different movements, real easy. The first time I did it my legs hurt very badly. After that I didn't have any pain from it but energy wise I couldn't complete the DVD for over a month. I would get part way through and get too tired.

    Where I live in CA it is a Mediterranean climate. Hot, very dry summers and rainy, foggy winters. So we don't deal with the heat and tumidity at the same time like the Southeastern part of the U.S. My son lives in Georgia and when we visited a few years ago it was 100 degrees and so humid that the air felt like it was liquid.

    I am still waiting to get the TV for the den so I can start with the Qigong DVD but I think I will start doing the ones that I can remember while waiting for a new to me TV. Still deciding whether to get an old TV or a new flat panel. My brother-in-law says with the old TV's a thief would get a hernia stealing it so he won't get a new one. We live in a bad neighborhood and although I have a big dog, he is too friendly and so wouldn't be much of a deterrent. In this neighborhood you usually have a security company or a large dog. I have never had anyone break into the house but we have had 5 bikes stolen from outside. My kids shoes were also stolen off of the front porch. Toys left outside would disappear too and anything left in a car that isn't locked or has a window down, even if you are only gone for a few minutes would more likely not be there when you got back.

    Gardening is supposed to be good exercise too so I am trying to get out most days for at least 10-15 minutes. I did get out yesterday to pull up the plants that got killed by the frost at Christmas. I still have a few left to pull up today and then I can start preparing the soil for the next planting. I should have gotten my seeds started in doors by the first part of Jan. but never got around to it so I need to do that this week. Last frost date is sometime in March I think.

    Hope you feel better today. I have a few hyper mobile joints but they are in toes and fingers so they dont affect me much. but I am careful not to stretch to my fullest as it can cause terrible spasms. I used to avoid exercise because it made me feel worse until I figured out that I need to go slower than a normal person and not stretch fully out. It seems to work for me that way.

    Keep up the good work, you are encouraging me to get started on my exercise program instead of putting it off until later.

    To answer your ? about supplements the ones for energy make me wired so I can't take them and chlorine in pools trigger my sensitive bladder so pool exercise is not a good match for me. My first diagnoses was Interstitial Cystitis so I have to be careful around some chemicals like chlorine and some of the stronger cleaning supplies like Scrubbing Bubbles and Lysol.
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  7. Willow77

    Willow77 Active Member

    On exercising naked, I read an article a long time ago and a famous gardening author would garden in the buff. Not something I would try though. I think the lady was Ruth Stout but not sure about that.
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  8. Alyssa-Admin

    Alyssa-Admin Active Member

    I have ironed in the buff before... a bit of a safety hazzard with GG boobs! It is a beautiful day here today so I think I am going to take <----HRH Kappachino for a walk in his stroller. He loves it! And has a fan club at the butchers, bakers, (candlestick makers) etc. I had no idea about chemicals affecting Cystitits. Good to know!

    I can guarantee you that you would be able to go onto YouTube and get the QiGong moves on there -for a reminder tutorial? Just a thought.

    Have a good weekend!

  9. cowlady

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  10. TigerLilea

    TigerLilea Active Member

    I'm in! :) Right now I'm having a hard time doing anything as menopause has been very unkind to me and I'm still fighting with a virus that I've had for the past month and it has now settled into my sinuses. I can go for several months where I'm okay with being active as long as I don't overdo it, and then I crash for weeks at a time. I find that I sleep much better on the days when I've done at least 10 minutes of something.

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