Anybody locate Kutapressin Group?

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    Hi everybody,

    I read here that there's a yahoo group for Kutapressin seekers, but when I do a search at the groups page it comes up empty. Anybody have any info?

    I took Kutapressin daily, at 2cc every day, from October of 1990 until May of 2003. Before Kuta, I was helplessly bedridden and in agony of pain for a total of 4.5 years. With it I was able to get up, do some part time consulting, and live a life that was almost up to a full-fledged "couch potato". Ever the empiricist, I would frequently attempt to decrease my dose, to determine whether I still truly needed the drug. It didn't take more than three days to conclude that I still needed it and that it was still quite effective.

    I have never had reason to suspect that the medication was either contaminated or less effective. That goes for the drug early and the drug in 2002/2003, both when the drug was made by Kremers Urban (the contract manufacturer at the time I started) and by Taylor (Now Akorn) for the last several years.

    Incidentally, in my former life I was an MBA, and when I learned there was a supply problem, I did a bunch of internet searching and read a lot on the issues at Akorn.

    Based on my internet search (and I may or may not be accurate) I concluded that Akorn will probably not make Kutapressin again. They needed to get agressive in refocusing their attention. They needed to simplify - (imagine that!) They had gotten in trouble largely through procrastination and inattention to the boring money details - important ones. Like they kept shipping to all customers, even the ones who weren't paying their bills, because they weren't on top of that. And they had to pay reimbursements to some companies by contract because of managed care discounts, so they didn't know which of their products were losing money. And they hadn't written off abandoned projects. Perhaps they were telling themselves it was more important to just ship their products, because we needed em! Also, they had some drug regulatory issues. I found an article that looked like it was about what started their problems, which involved their making a drug that had an ingredient that is an intoxicant, so by law they are required to do more background tests on any employee that has access. They either hadn't done that or hadn't filed the right paperwork, and that started more inspections, and ...

    I think our beef is with Schwarz. Akorn is just a contract manufacturer. I'm glad Schwarz has at least said they're hoping to ship again someday. But daggonnit, we're sick and getting sicker! We have lives to lead!

    And speaking of beef, there may be another obstacle to our getting Kutapressin. I haven't been able to confirm this, maybe someone else has more information:

    But I was telling a friend about my loss of my very important miracle drug, and he immediately asked if it was based on an animal organ. I said pork liver and he said he just knew it, because the FDA is putting pressure on companies, the pharmaceutical companies and the meat companies that supply them, not to ship these products anymore. Supposedly because they're trying to help the drug companies make more money after they have cost them so much through regulation.

    Or maybe there are PETA activists involved. We'll probably be told that they couldn't guarantee the safety - that the drug might make us sick! Wouldn't that be ironic! Without the drug, it's guaranteed!
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    The Ku group was listed on the co-cure website. You should be able to check prior newsletters for the link. If someone can tell me how to reach you offline, I'd be happy to email you w/the link.

    Thanks for all of the Akorn info. Akorn ran into $$ problems and legal problems. Generally, when that happens, co.'s loose their focus, and co. resources ($$, time, focus, etc.) are expended on litigation, and not on product development, manufacturing, and staffing.

    Schwarz is also spending heavily on litigation-patent infringement lawsuit against Mylan Lab for exclusivity of generic Prilosec.

    My thoughts are that the FDA is cracking down on a lot of extracts because of potential contamination issues. Mad cow disease was found in Canada recently, and the Canadiens are saying that it came to them by way of the US.

    There has also been a lot of bootlegging and product tampering and manufacturing issues throughout the injectables sector. Procrit is an extreme example.

    There are probably many variables that relate to the KU shortage. In the final analysis, all of the companies involved in the manufacture and distribution of KU behaved badly.


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    Thanks Annepat

    Pretty funny that at Yahoo Groups, at least right now, if you search for Kutapressin you get:

    Sorry, no matches were found for kutapressin.

    But they do have a group called: kutapressin

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    The Akorn info that you found would be EXTREMELY helpful for the yahoo Ku group. Were you able to sign up for the group? If so, would you post it for the group?

    The search response is pretty strange!!

    ALSO-I'm running far far behind, and I need some help-I was referred to Public Citizen by Senator McCain's office. They need a letter as a synopsis.