Anybody out there get a pain in the butt?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by RedB, Jan 7, 2003.

  1. RedB

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    This is a goodie, isn't it? Every now and then I get this stupid pain in my bottom, right where the butt meets the leg. It's a deep pain, and I don't seem able to find the trigger point area that might be causing it. And for the love of me, I can't figure out what I do to cause it. Too much sitting? Not enough sitting? Nothing really fits at the time it happens, so I'm not sure what it's from. It will usually last a day or two, and then disappear for months at a time. All I know is that my hubby always jumps in with an offer to massage it!
  2. tandy

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    but......its not where you desribe.mine is tailbone area.It can and does radiate into my legs too. I don't care where its located a pain in the A** is not fun to have!! I don't sit alot or too much,and I have'nt figured out what brings it on either?your guess is as good as mine~
    Hope your feeling better....try heat.
    Best regards,
  3. Eilie

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    I don't have that particular problem. But there was a recent discussion about it with quite a few postings. If you do a search for "toosh", it's under "Anyone else having pain in their toosh?"

  4. RedB

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    I'm hunting it up right now! Thanks.
  5. ssMarilyn

    ssMarilyn New Member

    I just talked to mine on the phone and he'll be home about 6pm.

    Marilyn :)
  6. Skull

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    Hello, I'm new here. I'll be by once or twice a week because that's all I can handle of sitting myself. I have a
    trigger point in my front right hip which is as bad as any
    of my docs have ever seen, but I get "Weaver's Seat" too.
    What it is, is when your bottom and/or legs go numb while
    you sit and then go beyond "pins and needles" to "knives and
    daggers" when you get up (if you can get up!!). When I have been forced to fly, I ususally lose the use of my legs for
    between several minutes and a half an hour!

    My nickname is Skull, I'm male, remarried to a fantastic
    woman with 2 teenaged step-sons. I was diagnosed in the fall of '96. I've been turned down twice by SSA and will be
    trying again this month with an eye on advocacy for all of us. You see, FMS is the "only thing wrong with me."

    I've got to go. I can't spend too much time doing this but
    I'll kick in when I know I can be of help. The only treatment for weaver's seat is walking it off and not sitting as long at one time. You need to get up and move around more. Later.