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    6 months ago I was prescribed a powerful antibiotic called "Levaquin." Starting within one day or two my body just exploded in symptoms beyond description.
    I took a full weeks worth of this.
    6 months later I have so many of the symptoms you people describe here on this board.
    Incredible body pain, weakness, lethargy, intestinal system totally screwed up,sharp pains all over it come and go, never feels right, loss of appetite. I believe my nervous system has been damaged. I am hypersensitive to cold, I tremble, shutter, have tremors. Hyper sensitive to noise, stress. Have anxiety problems. For first time in my life I am on an anti-depressant. Tried to get off of these after 5 or 6 weeks and almost went bananas. Insomnia like crazy.

    I just wonder what percentage of people here were prescribed one of the "fluoroquinolones" class antibiotics before the got this like Levaquin/ Cipro, etc.
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    If you do a search using "bunnyfluff" as "Username" and the entry on 5/3/06, there is a lot of info there.

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