anybody taking neurotin and topamax?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by mamafrey, Aug 13, 2003.

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    i posted earlier on neurotin and klonopin. I was wondering though since the tompamax helped but wired me if i could take it in the morning and neurotin at night since it does help me sleep. Like i said the neurotin does nothing for the numbness but helps me sleep. the topamax helped but wired me up and couldn't sleep even if i took it in the morning. I am tired of being numb and want to sleep. thanks again, mama
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    I am going to ask my dr. Monday if i can do this. I was totally numb yesterday from my brain to my feet. I think the humidity isn't helping. Anyways how did the test go with your kids? I hope and pray everything went all right and let me know how Monica is doing. You have a wonderful weekend. I am praying for you and your family. Love Ya Fibro Sister mamafrey
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    My doc rx'ed Topamax for me Monday, but I've waited until tonight to try it. I am very interested in the fact that it kept you up (will look up topamax on archives later). As an insomniac on sleep aids, that doesn't sound very good. My doc said it made his wife really depressed. Not looking forward to that either.


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    Tried both medications and ended up sleeping all day. I can't even imagine taking them together. One is bad enough. Just my experience. Didn't help me with the pain anyway, and I certainly didn't like the tired feeling I had all day long. Toots
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    is very sleepy for me, I am taking it for migraine prevention. it no longer makes me sleepy cause I am used to it but it did for quite while. I think it does that to most people but everyone is different. It works very well. It has a few side effects such as extremity tingling which goes away.
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    I had been taking Neurontin for quite a while at night and then added Topamax for migraine prevention. I had no problems w/ it as making me "wired". I only took them together for about 6 weeks or so, then discontinued the Neurontin, it was not helping the sleep, nerve pain, twitches any more. It was once I was off of the Neurontin that I actually started losing weight from the Topamax. I gained weight when I started on the Neurontin!

    Just be carefull with the Topamax as it can potentially cause glaucoma problems. (I'm going back to opthamologist to have eyes rechecked) Be sure not to increase your dose by more than 25mg a week. Some side effects you may notice are: Tingling in you hands and feet, esp with exercise (even walking, or any motion at first), this decreases as time goes on, carbonated beverages lose their appeal (I haven't had soda in months! I miss my coca cola). As you increase your dose you may notice hair loss also, although this is not in the literature.

    I have found Topamax to be helpful. My migraines went from being a pain level 9 -10 to a pain level 5-6. Now my abortive actually works, before it didn't help. I've been taking it for 4 1/2 months and they have just recently started creeping back up. However my stress level is waaaaay up because I have a billion other medical things going on right now, so I am sure that is not helping the matter. I would give the Topamax at least 2 months to see if you notice any difference. I hope this combination helps you!