anybody taking xanax for 2 or more years

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    I would like to know if it helps them & if they ever tried to stop taking it they had a problem. I have heard it is very hard to get off of it. It does help with sleeping & pain. It doesn't take the pain completely away, it just makes it so you don't notice it at much & can function.

    Thanks, Jackie
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    I took it for a year!!! Does take the pain away for sure also took ativan which is better as stays in the body longer. No withdrawal problems.

    Annie the Londoner
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    I took Xanax once a day for several years but when I heard it was hard to get off of it, I quit. I tapered and didn't really have any problems.

    Now I am taking 2 a day for a different reason so I guess we'll have to see what happens when I try to stop!! I've never had a problem withdrawing from any drug except Paxil and it took a year to get off of Paxil.
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    I appreciate it. I have received some other answers too. I asked to be told when I received any answers & I clicked on the site I was told to get the answers but the only answer I see is yours. Maybe I am doing something wrong as i don't use the message boards that much & don't know that much about using it.

    Thanks again, Jackie
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    I used Xanax for several years for sleep. Can't say it relieved my pain, but it let my mind stop and go to sleep. Prior to that I had been taking noratriptalin? and hated it because of the fibro fog the following day. My job required some travel and many times I would have to slap myself to stay awake while driving. I wouldn't go back on that for anything. Recently switched from Xanax to a longer-lasting med for sleep.

    My belief is that if you have an addictive personality, you can become addicted to Xanax quite quickly. My husband is a recovering alcoholic and must be very careful with meds. He could easily become addicted to meds, gambling, drugs or almost anything. Right now it's hunting, but that's been going on for 44 years.

    Hope this info helps.
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    for 9 years now for FMS. I take it 3 x a day and am on .5 mg. I have been able to go 12 hours without it bothering me any. I have never tried to get off of it because it helps me.

    I'm sure I'm physically dependent on it by now, but I really don't care as long as it helps.

    I'm sure I would have a problem if I stopped taking it, but one is not supposed to quit it suddenly. One is supposed to taper off of it gradually under a doctor's care.

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    I've taken Xanex along with other meds on and off since 1995/1996. When I got pregnant in 1998 I stopped all medications immediately and I didn't have any side effects or withdrawal from any of them.

    The only medication I ever had problem coming off was an anti-depressant (used for migraine prevention only, I have no history of clinical depresssion) and I became suicidal when I went off it, but it wasn't at the same time as the other medications, it was before that.

    all medications you stop taking however should be with the knowledge and under the supervision of a medical professional. Each person is different!!!


    BTW in answer to the first part of your question, Xanex has been a life saver to me. I take it only at night, it helps my mind shut off and helps me fall asleep AND has helped tremendously with my anxiety.[This Message was Edited on 01/20/2006]
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    I took Xanax for about 4 months during 2002. I've been told I don't have an addictive personality but they can become physiologically addicting in anyone. I quit it essentially cold turkey (slow wean over ~4 days). I was very uncomfortable for a week or so and it slowly got better over a month. A lot of this varies from person to person and the dosage & length of use are significant factors too.

    here's a great benzodiazepine reference site:
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    I have CFS and I suspect fibro. I have taken half of a .25 Xanax every evening for the past 8 years. It is the one drug that saved me from not sleeping and from the unrelenting anxiety associated with CFS. On the occasional night I try not taking it I don't sleep well and by morning I feel a bit shaky inside, even at that small dose. Quite frankly, I don't care to quit taking it as it is the only drug in almost 10 years of suffering that has helped me to deal with a couple of major symptoms and allowed me to sleep so my body could heal. Hope this adds to your knowledge.
    Good luck,
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    Hi, I have been on Xanax since 2001 not only the short acting but also tried the long acting which didn't work as well. It has been the only drug that has actually helped with the pain, especially the stomach cramping. As of today, doctor has chagned my way of taking it as I also suffer with anxiety and panicc disorder too. I was taking .50 mg 5 times a day, now starting tomorrow I will be on .75 mg 8am , .50 mg 12pm, .50 mg 4pm, .75 mg 8pm and .50 mg 12pm. I know this looks like a lot but it won't be much more than what I was on. Doctor says it is all in how you dose it during the day, depending on each patients needs. Am I physically dependent on it, YES, but at this point I don't care because I know I am not an addict. Hopefully some day I will be able to come off of it. It not, so what. I want to live as close to normal as possible and if this is my only option(can't take any anti-depressants)so be it. Good luck to you!!!
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    Taking it about 6 years, PRN, never had a problem, it a great help!
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    My husband takes it everyday for a maintenance med.

    He gets terrible panic attacks. About 15 years.

    He would have a hard time living without it.