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    I saw this on another site. Just wondering if anyone has had experiences good or bad with hypnosis. I was interested to read of the results (near the end of the article).

    Effect of hypnotic suggestion on fibromyalgic pain: Comparison between hypnosis and relaxation.

    Eur J Pain. 2006 Aug 2; [Epub ahead of print]

    Castel A, Perez M, Sala J, Padrol A, Rull M.

    Pain Clinic and UFISS Palliative Care. Hospital Universitari de Tarragona Tarragona, Spain.

    PMID: 16889999

    The main aims of this experimental study are: (1) to compare the relative effects of analgesia suggestions and relaxation suggestions on clinical
    pain, and (2) to compare the relative effect of relaxation suggestions when they are presented as "hypnosis" and as "relaxation training".

    Forty-five patients with fibromyalgia were randomly assigned to one of the following experimental conditions: (a) hypnosis with relaxation suggestions; (b) hypnosis with analgesia suggestions; (c) relaxation.
    Before and after the experimental session, the pain intensity was measured using a visual analogue scale (VAS) and the sensory and affective dimensions were measured with the McGill Pain Questionnaire.

    The results showed: (1) that hypnosis followed by analgesia suggestions has a greater effect on the intensity of pain and on the sensory dimension of pain than hypnosis followed by relaxation suggestions; (2) that the effect of hypnosis followed by relaxation suggestions is not greater than relaxation.

    We discuss the implications of the study on our understanding of the importance of suggestions used in hypnosis and of the differences and similarities between hypnotic relaxation and relaxation training.

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    I went to hypnotherapy for weight loss several years ago. It was successful, in that respect. I also studied it, and use it occassionally when I have to lift heavy things, etc.... I also use it when I need to do someting like clean,and I'm too exhausted to do it without hypnosis.

    It can really help pain in certain circumstances. I don't know about chronic, all pervasive pain, like Fibro. I do know that a person can use hypnosis instead of anesthesia during surgeery.

    I would caution you, however, to be sure that you go to a certified hypnotherapist with a good reputation. Some are not ethical and can cause harm. Post hypnotic suggestions can be helpful, but they can also be destructive.

    A good hypnotherapist never tries to mold the client, but leads hin/her gently. In my case, the hypnotherapist was trying to get me married (her idea). That did not work, and she caused a lot of suffering in the process.

    Good luck to you. Oh, just another hint. You should remember everythng after a session, and feel happy and peaceful. While it is true that one will not do things under hypnosis that they wouldn't ordinarily do, still, ideas can be planted that cause stress and inner conflict in the client, because they go against the client's wishes or basic beliefs.

    The hypnotherapist also should never become a "friend" to the client and should not invite the client to his/her house, or meditation group. This is one sign of someone who is not ethical.

    Wow, I really got going, didn't I? I could write a book.

    Good luck,