Anybody under 30 and won disability case???

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by hea, Sep 26, 2009.

  1. hea

    hea New Member

    Hi there,
    I just got my hearing date for November. I'm 27 and have had CFS/Fibro for 3 years. I'm feeling a little better this past year, tried to work and crash every time. Even a few hours is rough.

    I'm worried that I won't win SSI since I'm so young plus I don't have documented depression or anxiety, just the physical part.

    Would like to hear that us youngins can win disability cases too. Any thoughts?
  2. jasminetee

    jasminetee Member

    I just looked at an old post of yours and you said acupuncture made you better last year. What happened with that?

    Disability has nothing to do with age. They usually try to say we're too young unless you're near retirement age anyway. What do they know? Not much. Just restate to them that "disability has nothing to do with age".
  3. isiselixir

    isiselixir New Member

    I am only a few years older than you at 31. I just won my case but I do have documented psychiatric issues along with CFS. I think they don't really care about my CFS because they disagree about the time I became disabled and how so it helps if you get as much documentation of other illnesses as possible because CFS is so hard to prove.
  4. I'd filed 16 months earlier. I was turned down once, they requested further information.... my attorney barely took my case. He told me, literally, in his own words, that, "If this were any other board (disability review/decision board) I'd say 'yes', but, I'm telling you, NO ONE wins with this board, it does not matter if you literally have neither arms, nor legs."

    He did take my case, reluctantly, with those 'brace yourself' words..

    But, that board, apparently did something like fire 30 ppl, and only hired about 20 new... my case got sent to a different state. WOW~

    Not only that- but, I do think my mother was right- they saw my MILITARY medical records- I truly do think that 'sealed the deal' .... They know da**ed well, I was not supposed to even BE IN the military- my recruiter lied, hid records, etc... to get me in.. (he was CRACKED OUT about 'his quota" !) and I went in, broke down (physically,) immediately... and it truly was all down hill from there.

    I managed to work a short time, in between coming home from basic training & Combatmedic/EMT training (total 5 months), and going to AT (Annual Training) 10 months later.. where I then got "2nd degree" sun poisoning, poison ivy, & attacked by FIRE ANTS... on both hands- since I was one of only 2 medics sent 30 miles out, for field training... soldiers at Ft Polk denied me the right to medical treatment for myself*... until the other medic, (older than I, and a civillian EMT for 9 yrs in a huge city) just lost it and WENT OFF on them all! (still lmao at 5'1 Dana, going NUTS on men way older, with a lot more rank- medical CAN trump rank.)

    Anyways... my military records probably DID win my case. I certainly receive NO benefits from them... I think they deliberately gave me an "honorable" discharge, rather than "medical"... but, not worried about it. Can't stay angry. I insisted on enlisting, to straighten myself out (boy did I do a good job of that!? LOL)

    But, maybe that will give you some hope, as I said, I was 24 when I won mine...

    My aunt, filed *before me* with the *same attorney*... was declined 3 times, had to see a judge, etc before *she* won... her case did not leave this state, though... she had way more medical problems (at that time) and more documentation than I did... IMO not really sure... I WAS extremely- deathly ill, with vomiting. Other than that, I had a history of a rollover car wreck at 19, (broken collarbone)... lots of doctors & specialists though, my doctor threw me everywhere....

    But, my only dx's, at july 2002, were fibro, cfs, & that unknown cause, of constant vomiting... which finally stopped may 2002... and I don't know how much of *those* records if any went to the board... I just know they were able to access my military medical records, when I did not even remember the full name of the hospital I frequented in Texas.

    They also had ONE LITTLE piece of paper, though, from when I was FIVE yrs old, and nearly died on an operating table, which led to a diagnosis of an extremely rare hereditary disease,

    I wish you the best of luck.
  5. hea

    hea New Member

    Thanks for the help and advice everyone! I saw the judge this morning and after answering a lot of tough questions...especially about my work history, he ruled in my favor. The medical vocationalist didn't even ask me one question. It was all the judge and my lawyer.
    That was so stressful I hope I never have to do it again!

    Thanks again for the support! Take care
  6. jasminetee

    jasminetee Member

    I'm glad you were able to win. When you're disabled and you look well and you're young it sure is scary.

  7. victoria

    victoria New Member

    SO glad to hear you won... often it is difficult without the added psychiatric dx's. Maybe the judges are becoming more 'learned'! ie, My son's judge was actually lyme-literate - he had obviously read about the long term effects of having lyme, I could tell from his questions & statements when he talked to my son and then me ... my son was only 21. Our lawyer didn't have to say much at all in fact, and the others in the room (state soc. workers?) didn't open their mouths once, as it wasn't necessary.

    again, YAY!

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