Anybody w/mycoplasma improvement?

Discussion in 'Transfer Factor' started by blazer, Oct 9, 2003.

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    Hi all those with a positive mycoplasma test. Myself positive test by Dr. Nicholson's lab in Ca. Ok...lets really try to help each other here. Please e mail and let us know what you have done that really helped! I have written about the use of t.f. and how it gave life back to me but let me add some more and encourage you:
    Use of vit.B-12 shots (at home) 2cc several times a week...after clears up nitric oxide ...junk in the blood with the infection. and...the B-12 helps with blood cells! for those with myco.
    Use of IV's ...are fantastic...mega vit/min. bags and or what really works hands down...the use of oxygen "UBI"..which is UltraViolet Blood about that on the WEB...and wowo. OK...
    Also for me the newest use of Bee is fantastic.
    BUT...the use of transfer factor is so wonderful.
    OK...everybody write and say what works and be a great blessing to all others.
    I did do a lot of antibiotics...but so icky! a "doxy" once in awhile.
    Me...thanks everyone.