Anybody with Hashimoto's tried 4Life Transfer Factor?

Discussion in 'Transfer Factor' started by valatia, Aug 18, 2007.

  1. valatia

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    I have recently been tested positive for thyroid antibodies and I am hoping that 4Life Tranfer Factor would help to reduce the presence of this antibody.

    However, I have read that some doctors do not advice Hashimoto's sufferers to take Transfer Factor and this is very confusing to me as I thought TF was meant to help balance the immune system?

    Has anybdy had success with TF in particular those with Hashimoto's disease? I am particularly worries that my thyroid antibodies level may rise with TF consumption.

    Any advice pleease?

  2. abaid

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    In my experience Antibodies do not rise, but my overall condition has not improved one bit after taking TFPlus for 2 years (2 a day) and TF Tri-factor for 1 year (2 to 4 a day depending on how I felt). I have never had an satisfactory answer regarding its "modulating" capacity. Yes, it says it up- or down-regulates according to the system's need. However, I am now stopping it altogether for my Hashimoto's. For me waste of money. Up to you to find out more and if you ever get a good answer let ME know please.