Anybody with positive ANA? Other dx??

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by girlymom, May 4, 2006.

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    Thank you for your support on my earlier post. It's a bad time right now. About 10 yrs. ago I was 1st dx w/ CFS when most dr. felt I just had anxiety. Today at my dr. appt when a new dr. told me that CFS is actually legit now I was so relieved. She said that there are meds that can help with my flare ups? I also have +ANA and was ref. to rheumotologist to r/o R Arthritis, but I think I already had these tests before. 9 mos. ago when I had the very same symptoms I saw a neuro had MRI to r/o MS. Thankfully all was ok. I got better and was normal(still tired, in pain and foggy)the only normal I remember, but I could walk well again. I even went skiing this year! Has anyone had a similar experience? I guess I feel like I'm newly dx because so much has changed since I last acknowledged that I have CFS. I'm so glad that I have found this site and that it's so active. I feel alone.
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    ANA can be elevated in other things.

    Some antihypertensives can result in elevation.
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    Girlymom - I have had symptoms of fm, lupus, ms, and now going to see neuro to r/o ALS. I have been to a derm - for rashes, rhumie for lupus & RA, internalist who can't figure things out - all tests other than ANA come back normal. My gp is stymied - he currently has me on oxycontin and ativan for pain, paxil, as well as my thyroid meds, high bp meds and high cholestral meds - plus I add in tylenol arthritis and advil when needed. He made a clinical dx of lupus but I do not have the blood work to support that dx, also has sent me for CT scans & MRI which show nothing abnormal. There are days and days where I can't walk on my own and use a cane, driving 1/2 hr to town can and has put me on the sofa for 3 days. I've had to quit work - going through a flare after being dx'd with melanoma this winter - stress seems to be a major cause of flares for me as well as exposure to chemicals like chlorine in water, perfumes, clothing etc..

    As I said in the subject line this has been going on for over 5 yrs - both the doc and I are at wits end but we still keep plugging away! Hope you find answers alot sooner than I am!


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