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    Ok i just got my dr to put in for a walker,i told her without my gramdsons stroller or shooping carts to lean on i wouldent make it,anyway now that its come through i feel like maybe i dont need it and how can i at 47 need a walker,i feel almost embarassed,well what i was wondering was if anyone else has had this happen?,I sometimes feel like maybe iam being lazy or its all in my head,i mean i know i feel the pain and weakness and just palin blahhh as my dear mom liked to say.Well just wondering if its just me,take care all and thanks for being here,marieann
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    Sweetheart don't feel embarrassed at all!!! I know that is easier said than done but I mean it.

    I am 29 and need to lean on a shopping cart and such to make it through the store too. So believe me, you shouldn't be embarrassed!!!!!

    See if you do things that make outings easier on you than you won't feel as bad when you get home. Maybe? That is how it is for me.

    I used to tough out for strangers and then fall apart when I got home but I have realized that I will probably never see those strangers again so WHO CARES!!!!!!!!!



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    Hun don't be embarassed.....alot of us know where your coming from...

    I'm only 31 and alot of times have to stop in stores to rest and on really bad days park in a handicap spot....and yes I get those looks sometimes...but you know those people who give me those looks have no idea what im going through or how I feel inside and out...same goes with you don't be know what your body can and can't do.

    You are not lazy sweetie!!

    (((Big Hugs)))
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    I am also 39 almost 40 like someone before me said. I have fibro but I also have ra. oa and diabetic neuropathy so I have had to use a walker that was my Mother in-laws, she died from cancer a while back. But I did not feel ashamed I also use a cane when I need to or I use a scooter at big stores like wal-mart. If I win disability I am buying myself one of those or at least a wheelchair. Gentle Hugs Pamela