Anybodys MRI show cysts?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by amymb74, Jan 30, 2003.

  1. amymb74

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    At my doctors appt. yesterday, he was poking thru my charts looking for my old holter monitor results & I saw my MRI report which I was never given the results except that it showed no chiari malformation (thats what it was checking for). Anyways I asked him if it was read by anyone other then the chiari specialist & he checked it out & said it was fine & I had a cyst (he made a circle a little bigger than a quarter) it was no big deal, lots of people have them, that it was just a pocket of fluid. He said it occurs in those with sinus problems usually, which I don't have. He made it quite clear that it was nothing to worry about. I have never heard of such a thing - do most of you have these cysts?
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    They are just that, little mucousal (sp?) cysts. I usually have several. In crude laymans terms (but always makes my Mom chuckle) it just means I'm a snot head. lol---sorry if that's too gross for your sense of humour, I just had to laugh about mine, while gross, and, I do not want them there, what can ya do?
    Hopefully this answers your concern, just normal ole mucous cysts. I don't know if anti-biotics would help those or not. *shrugs* Glad for you that that's the only thing that showed up.

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    are a very common incidental finding on MRI, they say. I have one myself. But I can't help thinking that a follow-up MRI might be a good idea, just to see if it increases in size. If it becomes too big, it can apparently intrude upon ocular areas of the brain and cause vision problems. THIS IS *VERY RARE*!! So don't panic -- it's almost certainly a benign and co-incidental finding.
    Hope this helps
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    I am a "cyst former". Some people just tend to form cysts. I've had surgery twice now for ovarian cysts, and I've had an ultrasound showing that I have a cyst on my kidney, plus several "simple" liver cysts. Both the radiologist & my doctor confirm these cysts are no problem. I think some people just tend to get them in various places in their bodies, and unless they get large or rupture, they aren't any problem.

    I think it always is a good idea to track them & make sure they aren't growing, though.

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    I have several, and was told that they are extremely common and unlikely to ever become a problem.
    Kitty =^..^=
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    I guess I'm always nervous my doc is blowing off something that might be important. I'm glad I'm not the only cyst head here. Thanks again.........Amy
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    Dear Amy,

    I just came across your post on the cyst found on
    MRI. You were wondering if it was a problem or not.
    When ever I have any test done, blood work, ultrsound,
    MRi, ect, I ***ALWAYS*** go to the lab and get a copy of
    the test results for myself. I learned this a long time
    I had a MRI recently, I have an Arachnoid cyst, containing (CSP) cerebral spinal fluid. Also the MRI showed thichening in the maxilary sinus.

    When I returned for my appointment to the Neurologist
    he nor his Physcian Assistant said anything about it. Maybe they thought I would become a hypochondriac if I
    knew it were there. But, I did do my research on it before
    I returned to his office.

    There are cases where people have to get a shunt put
    in to drain the cyst. (Rare)

    I also was familiar with my bloodwork before returning
    to his office. Everything on the blood work was OK, but
    I did ask him one ?. He was surprised that I had already
    seen the results.

    It's no big deal to get the results. Plus, you can do
    some research on the tests before your return visit. That
    way if something is abnormal, you will be familiar with it,
    and not be shocked. And you can have your questions ready
    for the doc when he enters the room. I bet they hate that.

    It's up to us to keep a good check on our Medical Records, one slip up could cause trouble.

    Best wishes, Amy, I don't think you have anything to worry

  8. amymb74

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    The only thing is I have no idea who read the mri. I suppose I would ask my doc? Thats a good idea - do doctors have to give you a copy of your records? I was seeing a cfids specialist, she closed her practice & sent my records to my pcp.I really want to see what she wrote. Thanks for the info. AMY
  9. paula45

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    I also have an arachnoid cyst in the fourth ventricle of my brain, probably since birth. Neurosurgeon told me they "leave it alone unless it 'goes bad'". I freaked out, but that was about 22 years ago and I got over it and pretty much forget about it most of the time. Interesting.