Anyone a patient of Dr Lapp or Dr Black at Hunter Hopkins Center

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by cybelle72, Feb 19, 2006.

  1. cybelle72

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    I was wondering if anone here is or was a patient of theirs? I'm wondering aboiut the eficacy of thier treatment, if they test thouroughly for all the different possibilities, what kind of treatments they typically use, etc. and whether insurance typically covers treatment with them, and if not, what tehy charge for basic visits etc.? I can't call my insurance untill after the holiday to find out(I have BCBS PPO).Thanks!
  2. greatgran

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    Cybelle72, I have never visited either of these doctors and only live about 3 hrs from their office..I know a girl that lives here and she is a pt. of Dr. Lapp's..I called her and spoke with her briefly to try to find out about the treatment etc..

    She was having a bad day and didn't feel like talking she said she would call me back but didn't so I haven't tried calling her back..

    I didn't find out much about the test or treatment but if I understood her correctly..They do not accept any insurance you pay directly to them and they give you a receipt that you submit to your insurance..I think she said her first visit was 2 thousand dollars. I am assuming that included the test. After your first visit then its so much a visit depending on the time they spend with you and if any test are needed..She is housebound I guess you would say bedridden..I ask her about meds and the only thing she told me was lexapro and oxygen..
    Since she lives near by I wanted to get to know her and find out all I could but she wasn't feeling well enough to talk or didn't want to..

    I am anxious to see others reply since I live near and need a confirmed dx..I am sure you could call the office and get some answers..

    God Bless,
  3. cybelle72

    cybelle72 New Member

    for trying, I hope she is feeling better. I plan to call them, but was wondering about other people's experiences with them. I appreciate the help and the info you were able to get for me!!
  4. 1sweetie

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    I am a patient of Dr.Black and have had one phone appointment with Dr. Lapp. My diagnnosis of CFS/ME and later FM was from Hunter-Hopkins. They did several blood test(Lyme,etc.), a tilt-table test, & a exercise test. My first visit was in the fall of 2004 and with this constant brain fog, I don't remeber very much. I was there for several hours. Dr.Black is a caring physician and has been helpful in getting proper medications for me. They are experts in helping you get disability. With their help & with the tests from Duke, I was able to get disability with my first application. Dr. Black takes a holistic approach along with her medical care. They require that you have a primary physician near you and they send a copy of your office notes to them. They also require that you have an annual checkup with your primary care doctor and in turn I take all of my info from him to Dr. Black. This saves me money. They DO NOT ACCPET INSURANCE. My first visit cost over $
  5. 1sweetie

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    I have done something BAD to my computer while I was responding to you. It would not let me type or use the backspace button. Now large black lines are shooting across the screen. I will try to email you again if I can fix it.
  6. deliarose

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    Cost me over $1,000 and I think insurance only paid me $180 of that. I was disappointed, possibly because I had unrealistic or very high expectations.

    His regime is quite conservative: rest, some supplements, the usual sleep meds, anti-depressant meds, B12 injections for the blood issues.

    Didn't check on thryoid/hormone issues like the FFC does.

    I drove from Chicago to N.Carolina for the appointment.

    The benefits I saw were marginal.. but it was only one appointment ..albeit an all-day apptment with a tilt table test etcc..

    I'm now looking at the FWIW protocol and working with a local PCP and mulling over whether to go to FFC.

    Hope this helps


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