Anyone actually have one of those new stimulators?

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  1. TXFMmom

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    Has anyone actually obtained one of those new stimulators okayed for FM and other things by the FDA?

    I had read about them some time ago, and then another poster mentioned that they had been okayed and the article mentioned that some rheumys are already prescribing them for their patients, and the pro football and other teams are using them.

    I read on their site that they are $495 and require a doc's prescription, but if the darned things work, I will pay that, GLADLY, and get my mother and sister one, as well.

  2. Slayadragon

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    I'm not sure what the FDA has approved, but I bought a stimulator called Healthpoint years ago and have found it reasonably helpful. I did a Google search, and it's still available online under that name.

    My main problem isn't fibromyalgia, but I do have pressure points that swell from time to time. They're the traditional acupuncture points, and if I press down on my skin I can feel little hard knots. I don't know why sometimes they're more painful than others. It doesn't seem to have to do with how tired I'm feeling in general.

    Using this stimulator does a very good job of making the knots loosen up and in many cases disappear. I don't know anything about acupuncture theory--I just use the stimulator whereever I feel the knots. It's particularly good at relieving tension headaches...the kind that don't go away easily with pills.

    If fibromyalgia pain were my main problem, I'd buy one of them regardless of how limited my budget was. As it is, I'm glad I have it and use it as needed.

    I think I bought mine in a mainstream catalog, but it's become harder to find. I think a lot of companies that sell, what, yoga mats and stuff are afraid they're going to get into trouble if they start promoting items that might have actual medical benefits. Mine has lasted for at least eight years with no problems, and so it seems well made.

    I think I recall first seeing this product when I was in England, even though I don't think I bought it there. The company may have decent enough sales in Europe to allow it to stay in business.
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    if this is what you are talking about i plan on getting a script when i go to the dr. the best one cost 895.00 that one is for local and full body. then 495.00 for just the total body and 395.00 for just the local. my insurance will pay for half so i might get the most exspensive one you can also send it back within 30 days from most web sites. it is suppost to work almost right away. charlene
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  5. TXFMmom

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    The thing is called an Alpha Stim, by Moeller Medical, LLC, and there is an article on the use of it on their web site.

    It has also been approved for use in depression, etc.

    It, supposedly, leads to release of serotonin, etc. via electrical stimulation and has been used for depression, or pain, and for sports related injuries, etc. and FM and CFS.

    Since most of us are on anti-depressants because of low serotonin or dopamine levels, it could, I gather be approved for use on FM and CFS.
    I don't think that one is permitted to put links for advertising on here, but it is easily found on Google under this company's name, and I saw a listing on here by another individuals in regard to it.
  6. woofmom

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    I believe the newer ones work a lot better. I talked to a company rep and said he they're getting good results using it on other neurological conditions.
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  7. butterfly83

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    Bumping. Any more news on these yet? Has anyone gotten a prescription from their doctor? I think i'm going to mail mine the case studies of the use of it to see what he says.
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    I have a couple of tens units to help with pulled muscles and sore spots from over-exertion and it works very well for me. My Husband also uses it for his hips and shoulders. I don't know if this is the smae thing or not but what I have is a good tool to help ease the pain.
  9. woofmom

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    I had a long talk with a company rep. He said their researchers haven't tried them on MCS or for aspartame disease, but he said the results for fibro were amazing. He also said the results for CFS looked very promising. The researchers seem to think it helps put your body back in sync. I can't remember the medical term. But, they think it helps the hypothalmus go back to regulating like it's supposed to do. He also said his mother has fibro and has asked him to send one to her. He also said they have a patent on their stimulator because of the wave length that targets the hypothalmus. The AMA doesn't like it because of Big Pharma and their control over them. It will cost the company half a million to go before the AMA. In my opinion, it may be just what we're looking for.
  10. butterfly83

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    Woofmom - Which unit were you talking to a rep about? Is that the Alpha-Stim one?
  11. woofmom

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    Yes, the one made by Moeller Medical. It certainly makes sense to me, cause I believe these diseases are caused by chemicals and perhaps organisms that attack our autonomic nervous system. There's a lot of electricity in our brain that probably needs to be jump started. It's the only, and I do mean only, glimmer of hope I've come across.
  12. woofmom

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    Because my diet is very healthy and because of the supplements I take, a scratch on my arm will heal before the scratch is finished. Germs cringe at the sound of my name. Pouring motor oil on a car battery will not start it. It has to have an electrical charge. Motor oil helps keep a car running smoothly just as healthy eating does for our bodies. But, no amount of healthy food or supplements will help our brain if it needs an electrical charge. The pharmaceutical industry and their greed have made people think that synthetic meds are the only way to help or cure anything. That's why the Alpa Stim and alternative medical treatment don't get much publicity. But, people are very, very slowly starting to wake up and smell the "real roses".
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    I posted a short while back about this product. It costs over $800. My doctor says she has had close to 100% success feedback from her FMS patients. I called the company and they checked with Medicare and said Medicare will not cover. I was going to follow up with Medicare and have been so sick that I forgot. This is the one used by the Dallas Cowboys.

    Thanks for posting this. There are a couple of different models. This is the best one and works with little clips that are attached to your earlobes. It stimulates endorphin, dopamine and seratonin. The brochure says that depression and insomnia control is experienced after one or 2 weeks; pain relief may require 3-4 weeks for cumulative effects.

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    After reading about electric stimulators and rebounders, I think I'm gonna' very slowly try some good old fashioned jumping jack exercise. See if that will jolt my brain cells.
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    is the thing that oh never mind...i was going to ask if it ws the thing surgically implanted...

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    I tried the alpha-stim machine in my nero's office several times, and unfortunately for me, it gave me headaches and caused my fatigue to worsen. I was told that it was unusal that I had the side-effects from the machine that I did, but I guess we're all different.

    I have a tens unit also, but haven't used it in awhile. I really need to pull it out and use it. It's helpful for my back pain, but is only temporary.