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  1. greatgran

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    Just wondering if I am the only one afraid to take meds..

    I am so afraid to take AD's but have had so many bad side effects from them.. Not only am I afraid of AD's but all meds..

    Such as antibodics, which I am on now due to an UTI and a Sinus infection..I do take them and watch the clock for a reaction..If nothing has happened with in the hour, then I am ok ...

    Crazy, I know but I do have a real problem with the med phobia as I call it..

  2. charlenef

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    we could be two peas in a pod! the funny thing is that you dont even get side effect right away and if your going to have a reaction it takes 3 or 4 doses. you might want to do a google on alpha stim for pain. charlene
  3. I agree with you. My rheum. dr. always gives me a script and says "now this med has virtually no side effects". I feel like saying yeah right, who do you think your kidding. He must be trying to use power of suggestion.
  4. Adl123

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    Dear Greatgran,
    Oh, I know what you mean. I do the same thing. I don't think it's crazy. Just look at the ads on TV. They promote a medicine and then then give you a whole list of terrible side effects!

    I just went through this with my Dr. He wanted me to take Nexium, and I found on the Internet, that it said that those sensitive to antibiotics shouldn't take it. Well, I phoned my Dr., and the office phoned the pharmacist, and they both said that the Internet was wrong. Well, I took it, and, thankfully, I'm O.K. I'm still going to be careful, though.

    Good for you. We have to protect ourselves.

  5. carebelle

    carebelle New Member

    I havent seen ya here for awhile . Just dropped in to say hi.

    I try not to take to many meds either . Have a good evening
  6. foggygirl

    foggygirl New Member

    I've always been very sensitive to meds and so is my mother. This suggests support of the genetic theory of CFS/FM. Both my mother and I have ended up in the hospital for having taken a "harmless" perscription. Everytime a doc wants to perscribe something, I cringe. I'm trying so hard to get better and it is always a struggle to decide weather to take a perscription. I also think that even tho a med might help on an immediate basis, what damage will it do that won't show up til years later??!!!

    People are different and respond differently. I know several people that get very hyper on NyQuil--and that's supposed to help you sleep with a cold. Other people I know respond in total opposite to what a drug is supposed to do. So, I believe that some drugs will have an opposite effect, or harm when it's supposed to help, particulaly with people with a dx of CFS/FM where we seemed to be wired differntly.

    I believe that we must trust our bodies/intuition when we have a fear such as this. Besides, look at all the drugs that they have pulled from the market years later, and after so many people have been damaged/killed by them.

    I'm not saying that I don't/won't take a perscription--I'm just very cautious and research it very well before doing so--and then trust my intuition.

    Follow your heart.


  7. TKE

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    My Huz is super chamical sensative. The list of meds he can't take is long & many are anti-biotics or meds for pain, etc. He had major reactions to Fosamax, steriods, anti-inflamatories, Statins, etc.

    I just had a major reaction to a anti-inflamatory. Steriods have me in bodywide blisters with a racing heart. I have gastritus, so many meds rip my stomach apart.

    I ask for samples now. In the future I will only get a few days worth of a new med to see if I can handle it before filling the rx. I'm tired of paying for meds & then having to toss them out!

  8. lease79

    lease79 New Member

    All new meds terrify me :(
    I had a fairly severe 'medication contradiction?' (sp) back about 8 years ago & it was the most terrifying time of my life.
    Slowly over the years meds that I used to tolerate fairly well I am now extremely sensitive so. Which makes things really hard.
    I was hospitalised for 'pain management' of a stomach ulcer & reacted to everything they gave me :(
    I ended up terrified to take the anti-b's pack that I needed whilst in there for helicobacter pylori, because one of the antibiotics used in the pack is in the same family of anti-b's as one that I am allergic to.
    An awesome nurse sat with me whilst I took them & then sat with me afterwards too.
    I have recently been diagnosed with tendonitis of the right hip & the pain meds that the Dr prescribed me for it are still sitting unopened in the meds cupboard because I refuse to touch them :(
  9. Butterfly_of_grace

    Butterfly_of_grace New Member

    I am afraid because I react HORRIBLY TO ANY PRESCRIPTION DRUG...everytime. So I avoid them although sometimes Im so desperate for relief, I give in, then get real sick frorm the drug itself and Im left to feeling like "I KNEW I shouldnt have taken that..." and then it take a day or two to at least get back to how bad I was which was more tolerable than the side affect from the medication.

    Some days when Im in bad shape I end up in tears because I know that I cant find relief and nothing will help. I dont even go to Doc because I KNOW Ill end up taking something he gives me only to be really sick from the drug.

    Its a horrible feeling having no hope for any relief when you cant take prescription drugs.
    I think a "new symptom" of CFS and Fibro should be "Medicationaphobia" LOL! Alot of us seem to get very anxious about taking meds and we are all so afraid of the aweful side effects. Im sick and tired of Docs trying to "sell" a new drug. I use to work for an internist...I learned the SCARIEST thing;When a Drug Rep comes to the Docs office with a new drug he convinces that Doc of pushing the drug on his patients so he gets a monthy "KICK BACK" of how many prescriptions he writes for it and how many are actually everytime Doc says to you "OH ITS A GREAT NEW DRUG< MINIMAL SIDE AFFECTS< ETC" be very VERY wary because really its just the "money game" and hes getting kick back from that drug company for giving you that drug.

    SCARY STUFF GUYS! I dont trust ANYONE anymore.! Working on the inside has certainly opened my eyes.
    DRUG COMPANIES DONT CARE![This Message was Edited on 09/17/2006]
  10. ruby711

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    I have same thing, so I take miniscule pieces even with antibiotics and I do much better that way and can head off a severe reaction. When I had surgery in Feb i had to use motrin & vicodin in small pieces to get thru the pain. A whole vicodin was to much at one time. I used more frequent dosing to manage.
  11. Cromwell

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    I am afraid of meds for a good reason, I am med sensitive and a med I was given called propulsid a few years back, landed me in the cardiac unit and killed a lot of people. I only wished I had sued then, but let it go as I now think my heart issues may have started then.

    I will only take certain antibiotics, the broad spectrum ones, which I am on right now, I take zithromax as it is far easier on my tummy. Even though it will not target, say a UTI as well as CIPRO(which is awful for me)I have found that if I start taking the zithromax as soon as I get the problem, it works as well without the stomach side effects.

    Heck, I am even scared to take one asprin or one tylenol and have to be almost on my knees with pain when I do. I do take a baby asprin each day though. See meds that are simple and have been around for many many years I am OK with.

    So you are not alone.

    Love Anne
  12. NyroFan

    NyroFan New Member


    I try anything they give me at least once.

    I am still in search of the 'miracle' drug.


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