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    For many years any time I use ANY self tanner, my lower legs from the knee down, itch like crazy about one day after applying it. I don't break out in any bumps or rash, just have a severe itch and burning. I don't have this symptom on any other part of my body. I just don't understand why it happens on my lower legs. It seems a lot happens there. LOL! In the past couple of years my lower legs from knee down, swell when I stand. The itching from tanners has been going on for about 15 years and the swelling almost two years.

    I want to be able to get some color. I can't really go in the sun because I break out in hives on my chest and back. I can't really afford tanning beds all the time. I might occasionally go to one, but they break me out too if I am not careful. Does anyone else have this problem? I have told many people what happens with my legs if a use a self tanner and they have never heard of it. You'd think I would learn my lesson and stop trying but every year I will find a new product and hope it won't itch. This year I tried Jergens glow lotion. I put it on Friday night and by Sunday morn my legs were on fire. I have sometimes literally drew blood scratching. They are slightly burning right not, but it seems the real itching starts when I lie down.

    Thanks for any suggestion.
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    Just started using them after the first of this year. I only get the severe burning and itching on my face and neck though, and it is most severe around my mouth area.
    You are right, you could just scratch yourself to death! It feels like you are on fire too! I just assume it is the chemicals, because I too have tried different brands and they are all the same for me.
    I had wondered if anyone else had that problem too. Thanks for bringing up the question! CC
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    ...I was just wondering...are you using the self tanner just after shaving? Just a thought. Are you moisturizing before? Sorry you are having problems.

    Take care,

  4. petsrme

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    I am going to try not shaving my legs for awhile and see how that works. I bet that is what it going on. There are a lot of chemicals I am sure and I bet the chemical that is common in all of the self tanners is what we are allergic too. Thanks for all your tips.
  5. Cottoncandy

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    Petsrme. I think by you bringing up this question, and me thinking about it more, I might have figured out that it is the gloves I wear while applying the tanner that is the culprit for me.

    Do you wear rubber gloves of any sort for putting on the tanner? I use the gloves to prevent the lotion from getting all over the palm side of my hands and my nails.

    I'm not for sure what mine are made of, because I have had the gloves for a long time. I'm assuming they are made of latex. Suppose I just might have a slight allergy to the latex.

    Thanks for stirring up my mind so I could solve my problem! CC

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