Anyone also have PTC and thyroid issues?

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    I am new to this board and the possibility that I could have FM on top of other problems. Does anyone have FM and PTC as well as thyroid issues? Here is how things have progressed for me. Any insight would be great! Sorry in advance for a long post.

    I was diagnosed with PTC (Psuedo Tumor Cerebri) in March 05. Found by eye doctor because of vision problems caused by papilledema. They originally had me try topamax which was horrible, then did a spinal tap (which was pure hell and caused a spinal headache for 1 week) and now have been on Diamox 250 mg 2x day since end of April 05.

    Fall of 05 started with severe fatigue. Found to have B12 deficiency so tried 1000micrograms of that everyday. Tested thyroid, came back normal. Fatigue persisted. Was tested for Lyme as was bit twice by two deer ticks in July 05. Test was negative.

    Spring 06 started having bad pain in the front of my neck. Ultrasound found large nodule on thyroid. Had surgery in August 06, removed what was a non-cancerous tumor and 1/2 of the thyroid. Had tests done for hypothyroid, came back negative 1 mo. post surgery.

    Still felt crappy 2 mo. post surgery, re-test at nuero's insistance, found hypothyroid, now take 25microg of Levoxithy (spelling?!?!) Was re-tested 2 mo. later, said to be normal, but still feel horrible.

    During the late fall, I started getting bad sinus infections. I was prescribed prednisone on top of some antibiotics and other things. Ended up in ER with bad chest pain which I thought to possibly be a side effect of all the medication on top of each other. They told me was chest wall pain, Costochondritis. Since then, it has been very painful everyday to wear a bra (I wear underwire) as it feels like constant pain below breasts and in center of chest(where middle of bra lays).

    I am a very active person and very stubborn so I have kept up with normal activities. I belong to a SAR team so I went on a training exercies in the middle of Feb. Slept outside and the cold just got to me. I could not get warm. Came home from that weekend and was a complete mess. I could not walk because I had intense pain in both knees and elbows ached as well. Felt like I had been hit by a truck.

    This lasted for 2+ weeks and doctor tested me again for Lyme and came up negative. The knee pain is horrible. I've also had some cognitive problems such as memory issues or not being able to talk right or get the right words out. Neuro is sending me for a sleep study.

    Extremely confused and just want some answers. I know that FM, Lupus, MS, and Lyme all have similar symptoms. Something has to be causing all these problems. Thanks for your help.
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    issues. She started a great website and has gotten thyroid doctors and patients to communicate. Mary only sells books on this website.

    Mary list Cadmium toxicity as interfering with the thyroid hormone T4-T3 conversion.

    Lead & Mercury weaken the immune system.

    Most of these can be pinpointed with a hair analysis. I got mine from 1to1vitamins. It cost $60.

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    I was diagnosed with FM in 1989. and eventually there after cfs.

    In 1990 ( about 1 yr from onset of fm) I was diagnosed with psuedo tumor cerebri .

    I had 4 lumbar Punctures Had a lot of fluid taken out.
    Alos took diamox (are you dropping lots of things?) that is a side effect from the med.

    The curious thing is, my rheumy at the time said he had 5 other fm patients recently with PTC also.

    Oh, also i have low thyroid function, which in retrospect was diagnosed about 5 mo. after my fm onset.


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    Hi Jennie!

    You are the first person I have found who has had both.

    What does your rhume say about having both PTC and thyroid on top of everything else?

    I am having a hard time with doctors right now trying to pin this stuff on other issues and not looking at the big picture. How's your success been w/ your docs?

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