Anyone been cured from Lyme?

Discussion in 'Lyme Disease Archives' started by Truesun, Jun 2, 2008.

  1. Truesun

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    I have been recently diagnosed with Lyme. I thought that now that I knew what it was I would be cured. I have been diagnosed with CFS for 11 years with little hope. I am reading and studying Lyme and I am not encountering many people who are well yet. Any positive stories to keep me hanging on? Thanks, Truesun
  2. Truesun

    Truesun New Member

    I am lying in bed feeling sorry for myself since my eyes are particularly blurry today. Most of us have suffered for so long and now I'm looking at another indefinite amount of time for a cure. These long hauls wouldn't be so bad but I have kids and the Mom guilt really gets to me. I am also worried about my six year old since I had him after I had Lyme symptoms and know he will need to be tested. I need to see light at the end of the tunnel. I have forgotten what its like to be normal.
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    Im sorry you have Lyme, but its alot more treatable than cfs. I started treatment for lyme 1/08 and Im feeling better, I still have bad days and good days, but remember, everyday of treatment is 1 day closer to recovery. Dont you feel better knowing what it is now? I know I was relieved when I found out. Sandie
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    Yes, I have read success stories certainly.

    But it seems to me that many fall into sub-sets - I suspect this may have to do with one's own genetic susceptibilities, the type of Bb you have (different abx seem to work better with certain strains, and is true of the herbal approach as well), AND whatever other co-infections one has.

    I think in particular the co-infections aspect is often overlooked - most LLMDs feel it is the exception if you don't have one or more, and likely it will be more than one.

    Lyme, thankfully, is quite well recognized as a disease, despite the controversies over how to treat etc, but its co-infections really are not. They are nearly impossible to detect except by teasing out the symptoms as the lyme is treated, and equally hard to treat.

    Finally, those who are symptom free are told to watch out for any re-occurence of symptoms... and often told to take abx 1X year to just 'make sure' it's kept at bay... as most LLMDs feel that once you've had it a long time, you likely never totally get rid of it, just ultimately kill off enough and keep it under submission thru strengthening your immune system...

    Sorry that may not seem like a positive response... but I agree, it's good to KNOW what is wrong... and even if one has to take abx 1X/year to keep it at bay, that ain't bad imho by comparison...

    all the best,

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