Anyone been diagnosed with Chiari Malformation?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by kalaya, Oct 18, 2005.

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    Well this is fairly new but encouraging seeing as how most people who have the surgery experience marked improvement in pain and fatigue.Doesn't mean that everyone suffers from Chiari but for those that do wow go do the surgery.Is there anyone on this board who has been diagnosed with Chiari and has gone ahead with the surgery?If so could you explain the before and after differances.To what percentage are things better if at all.How did you get diagnosed?What type of recovery was involved and how long before you noticed things improving?Thank you for your replys.God bless.
  2. Andrea4

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    I came here to post about Chiari myself. I've been diagnosed with fibro for going on a year and a half. Today I saw my 6th neurologist. He was by far the most thorough one I've ever had. Anyway, he wants to have a look at my actual MRI films from my cspine and brain to check for chiari. He says its been his experence that often times, this is a missed diagnosis because MRIs are done laying down and the pressure is taken off the area. Interestingly enough, my son has a mild chiari malformation himself (he's almost 5) and I always assumed it was due to his prematurity...he was 7 weeks early.

    Anyway, it will be interesting to see the responses in this thread. I don't know if I could do surgery...the doc explained it to me, but it still sounds big time scary.
  3. nanna4550

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    If one surgery means no more pain, fatigue, headaches, brain fog..
  4. Andrea4

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