Anyone been HIV tested?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Bambi, Nov 30, 2005.

  1. Bambi

    Bambi New Member

    Do NOT mean to imply ANYthing. I just got a newsletter from the gal that does the Arthitis site for It has a whole area devoted to how so many that get RA, Srogens? (butchered that!), FM and a host of other things I see people have here..also have undetected HIV viruses. It said that FM symptoms in that case are much more serious and severe. It was a pretty frightening article and also
    talked about skin rashes, psoriasis etc.

    I thought about both of my cousins who are RN's and my doctor cousin all saying how if I knew the "truth" about the blood supply and the viruses possible ease of transmission that it would scare me, as well as anyone. I tried to get ANYone to be more specific but they won't. One cousin did say that once AIDS gets to the pnemonia (I can't think of the name of it but it's common in HIV) and those people cough that she's heard doctors say they see no reason why the virus couldn't be
    "broadcast" in that manner for one thing.
    I heard another nurse on tv say the same thing.

    They "say" it's pretty hard to catch period unless you live a really foolish lifestyle, but it IS a virus after all. If you really think about it why wouldn't it be transmissable similarly to any virus?

    Now I don't think I have HIV, my husband had to be tested for our life insurance and surely doesn't have it so I surely shouldn't. But I am thinking it might be wise to request the test anyway. My son in law's mother was a surgery nurse and she said she is afraid to be tested. She was the lead nurse for a bone specialist.
    She said he'd come to surgery with this fish bowl type thing over his head and the rest of the team nurses just have the usual paper masks. She said tissue and blood would spray all over the area during surgery. Some nurses, few from what I have heard, HAVE tested positive and say they had no sexual reason for it.

    Those cases are just put down as mysteries and not followed up on much. I know when my one friend died her son came to the funeral in near to the last stages
    of AIDS. He had those awful sores on his
    face and arms. I loved his mom and he did too and I felt SO badly for him that I did hug him. I KNOW that shouldn't scare me and most probably did NOT expose me to
    anything, but after what I read today it
    does tend to get the mind going.

    So, just wondered if any of you have had it tested for or what you think. Bambi
  2. Bambi

    Bambi New Member

    Bumpity Bump! Bump!
  3. chickadee

    chickadee New Member

    it's what "they" don't know or don't tell us about HIV that scares me! I had blood transfusion back before they tested for HIV so I have had HIV test (negative).

    Had lots of blood products with surgery again recently but think anything I might have gotten from it is probably worse than HIV so probably won't be tested again.

  4. dantec

    dantec New Member

    Hiv is a hard virus to catch, despite what is said in the media and the attempts the medical profession have made in scaring the community. Having said this it can be passed on if adequate measures are not taken, and its still is a fatal infection although improvements are being made inthis area every day.

  5. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    i think this is a sensitive topic for most poeple so don't be to surprised if people don't volunteer that they have been tested...

    i have worked as a dental assistant and some you knew had aids,i had been poked by a needle once thank goodness the man was in his late 70's, but i have came accross patients have ahd lost their spouses due to getting aids in a blood transfusion.

    all women get tested for aids and other std's when they do go to doctors when they are pregnant that is routine...

    and yes i have been tested, causing i knew i had a cheating husband...if i didn't ever find out i wouldn't have...i was married over 17 years and new him for 21 years...

    i still get tested when ever i have my gyno's yearly...

    i think everyone should get tested you just never think your spouse is honest and faithfull, but i know so many have been cheated on....i have a friend that had gotten pregnant w/twins and she found out the day she was going into surgery that her husband has herpes...this was just 3 1/2 years ago./....i have a sister she has had herpes for so about 8 years she has never told one partner she has herpes...sha has never told her husband....

    so many people are exposed to so many std's it's not funny and people put too much trust in another human being that they would come forward and say yes i have aids and yes i have herpes...ect...

    so it couldnt hurt anyone married to get tested it maybe the only real way to find out.

    well i feel this is a pretty sensitive subject. because of some of us have already gotten to known some of the others here on this site and they very well not feel comfortable telling people they have been tested..cause there is alot of stigmas related to this topic...

    even though there are professional health care workers here . i had a mother that had worked as rn, sh had two nurses catch aids and die from it from work needle stick....

    well i just gave you my two cents...iknow how some people post a topic and then wonder why no one replies...i could be wrong that people here are goitg to volunteer that they have been tested...

    they may not want to be judged for whatever reason...

    i on the other hand am more of an open book...

    good luck

  6. wangotango

    wangotango New Member

    due to a needle stick when i was working in the emergency room. it was hospital policy. i had tests for 2 years and was ok. bill
  7. shelbo

    shelbo New Member

    cos I was so paranoid at the outset of this thing that my symptoms mirrored those of HIV! Even though I had had only two sexual partners and my first was a virgin and my second (who I'm still with) had not had many previous partners at all and has always been 100% faithful to me. That's how ill I feel....and how paranoid this can make you!!
    BTW, it was negative! My b/f laughed at me when I told him I'd been tested! He thought it was crazy that I thought I might have AIDS! Guess - though - he tries to understand and listens to enough of my moaning - that he doesn't really understand how bad the fatigue, headaches and pain in every other body system is!

    Even the nurse was a bit off with me when I had pre-test counselling. When I told her my sexual history she told me that when the tests came back negative I was to stop worrying and not come back for a re-test! This was silly, IMHO, as there could have been a chance of me being HIV positive for all she knew!

    And bless you for hugging that poor man...I can't imagine his pain and loneliness!

    Love Shelbo
  8. Bunchy

    Bunchy New Member

    I was tested about 7 years ago as the symptoms I had at that time were very similar to active HIV infection. Also I had had a partner who later confessed that he had slept with a woman in Kenya and a woman in Brazil without a condom and we had had unprotected sex. Luckily I was negative - don't know about him as we split up and I am now married to someone else. I think it is worth having the test if you think you may have put yourself at risk.

    Love Bunchy x
  9. Bambi

    Bambi New Member

    I thought twice about posting it. I also figured that anyone that felt funny about it just wouldn't post. I wasn't so much asking if someone thought they had been exposed as if they had considered it might be easier to be exposed than we've been told.

    Since the article I read said it could be quite severe for those with the virus to get these various syndromes due to their already compromised immune systems, and that IF we had it and didn't know it the article said that some of the drugs used for our various other illnesses could make the HIV worse or if not that, at the least we wouldn't be getting the HIV meds we should be.

    I honestly believe we have probably ALL been tested if we have insurance, insurance companies aren't fools. There's nothing I know that would say the labs report to the various insurance companies but it wouldn't really surprise me either. So maybe not.

    Basically I just wanted to let people know that there has been some research done that tie some of these dd's to HIV and if we think it might be wise to be tested, we should be.

    I surely don't want anyone to discuss something that makes them uncomfortable in any way. I just put it out as a thought and figured if anyone wanted to reply they could.
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  10. sandi24

    sandi24 New Member

    This is an interesting thread. I have to say I have never even thought about it. Years ago I did insurance broking in the UK and if a person had previously taken an aids test it was considered they were leading an alternative lifestyle, the insurance companies needed to know why they had taken the test etc.

    These days I think it is only sensible to have this test done regularly along with all our other tests although it is something I have never been offered. I know in order to return to Canada it was necessary to have a syphilis test as that is a big concern to immigration.

    I think that as our immune systems are weak and compromised we are vulnerable to any type of infection and it is up to us to do what we can to minimise the risk. I have had my flu shot as I know the slightest infection and I flare badly.. with full blown flu I would be at deaths door!

    Hopefully these days the stigma of HIV is less as there are so many more 'innocents' contracting it through no fault of their own and the illness is becoming more accepted as just another infection that can potentially affect us all.
  11. dononagin

    dononagin New Member

    tested shortly after my divorce as my ex couldn't keep his zipper closed..
    then again two years later..
    When I first got sick I presented with horrible flu like symptoms, body aches, fevers, swollen lymph nodes, rashes and big lesions on the back of my head just above the hairline.. I was tested again and again a year later. It's not HIV.. It turned out to be Mono which led to where I am now.. however the lesions are still unexplained and I am waiting for a second opinion and biopsy with a dermie..
  12. elliespad

    elliespad Member

    Was tested back in early 80's. Thank God it was negative, but symptoms are sure similiar. Had been sick a few years before my OB/GYN agreed to testing. It was my idea.
  13. sues1

    sues1 New Member

    A new Dr. in the midst of finding out what was wrong with me asked if I would get tested.

    I laughed and said that I know that I have been faithful and married for many years.
    No blood transfusions, or drug use, etc. etc. That if I would have it I sure would not want to be in my husband's shoes. But I also felt secure that he was faithful, and no drug use or transfusions.

    Dr. said that he could set up an appt. out of toen. I said NOPE, right here in town. Our town is small and he seemed to think I would not want anyone to know I was taking this test.

    But I thought.......why not? I am so sick, lets have the test and then there would be no questions from this Dr. Why in the world would I hide this test? I think it is smart to do it.

    All came back negative, just as I knew it would. I have often wondered why this Dr. wanted me to be tested. Out of MANY doctors he is the only one to suggest it. Well, he does not beleive in CFIDS/FIBRO either.
  14. Bambi

    Bambi New Member

    doctors "should" test when there is any kind of rheumatic (or any immune
    problem illness) is present. I wish my doctor had been more sensible when I asked for the test. I was with him for five years and finally gave up on him ever treating my FM. But I asked him for the test, I didn't suspect my husband either, but just wanted the test. I was married in the late 60's and early 70's to my first husband and after I divorced him found out he had been with everything he could get. He even was with one of the nurses that worked for my baby doctor!

    He later married a 17 year old from the last place he had worked out of state while I was still married to him as she was pregnant. My best FRIEND had been with him too and asked me if she could DATE him after the divorce. She was married. HE was an abusive mental case so I told her if that's what she wanted, go for it. People are odd!

    Anyway I asked the doctor for the test and he laughed at me and said "You don't need an AIDS test!". I asked him how he knew, I could be a
    call girl for all he knew. He laughed at me again and said, "Bambi you are crazy!"..the same thing he'd say every time I asked him if what I had
    was Fibromyalgia. I should have dumped him years before I did. In any case he didn't do the test and I sort
    of lost my nerve to ask the next docs I went to. I'd LIKE to have it just for my own information. My husband had to have one for his life insurance and it came out fine so I'm sure mine would, but I'd still like to have it.

    They don't know everything they think they do about ANY of these illnesses and are always finding new things, why not something about HIV that they didn't previously understand? Anyway, thanks for all the answers. They were all interesting and informative. I don't think it was a bad thing to ask, I'd like to think we can discuss
    difficult issues here..and we do. Thanks again! Bambi
  15. lease79

    lease79 New Member

    I've been tested everytime that I've been pregnant & they've come back neg, neg, neg, neg.
    Never had surgery, never had a blood transfusion.
  16. millennia

    millennia New Member

    My GYN gave me a full bloodwork, including an HIV test when I started seeing her. I think they all should. You never know what people aren't telling you. I also got one right before I went on the pill. My hubby, then boyfriend, and I both did. Even though I hadn't slept around and had always been safe, it seems like a good idea. No harm in having them add it on to your bloodwork.
  17. natrlvr2

    natrlvr2 New Member

    as soon as my husband filed for divorce I was tested.(even though he was not cheating,I went anyway.Negative.
  18. Des2nee

    Des2nee New Member

    I have no problem answering this question. Ive been tested because of a needle - stick. It was not the facilities policy but I did it for my own peace of mind. For that episode it was a series of 3 tests. I was tested with my pregnancy of my son. Once more after I had been with a jerk who I found out was .sleeping around.

    So that makes testing x 5. All negative, thank God. Ive often thought of being tested once more just for peace of mind.

    Ive often wondered if the cause of my health problems, Fibro, was from some virus I picked up at work. After being scratched, spit on, pee`d on, coughed on, breathed on, yadda yadda just never know.

    It sure is something to be considered I believe.
  19. cczub

    cczub New Member

    My doctor has tested me several times over the past few years.... I actually have a script for another one he just gave me but I don't like him anymore!!! LOL... I'm maried with one child turning 6 on the 11th and have only had one partner, my wife... Don't think it's HIV..
  20. bunnyfluff

    bunnyfluff Member

    (brain fog-ya know)
    But for sure for life insurance purposes, and once when I was so sick before being dx'd w/fms for sure. All neg. I have had blood transfusions. My new concern is Lyme- going to be tested next week. :)

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