Anyone been ordered to go for psych eval for ssdi?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Trini, Jan 27, 2003.

  1. Trini

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    I was further humiliated in this whole ssdi process two weeks ago by being ordered to a psych eval this week. Anyone ever been thru this? My lawyer says it's like a legal deposition. SS said lack of sufficient medical evidence although my cfs dr hasn't written a really strong report yet (working on that) and they also don't know I just came up very positive for the ciguatera toxin from Dr. Hokama's study in Hawaii.

  2. klutzo

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    I don't know about SSDI, but for regular SSD, which I got, I had to have a psych eval. It was pretty much standard, since there is no way to prove FMS (I don't have a dx of CFS). I was really angry, but my lawyer said anything they come up with to help your case is good, so I should go to the psych eval. and act very depressed, which I did. The psych. dx'd me with dysthymia (chronic, low-level depression) which helped me win my case. That strongly worded letter from your doc about all the things you can't do is #1 in importance lawyer says that's what won my case. My doc also attached a copy of the ACR criteria for the dx of FMS, since she knew darn well the admin. law judge wouldn't know FMS from a hole in the ground.
    Good luck,
  3. LinnFam

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    I took my son, who's applying for SSI to an eval. just last week. What a traumatic experience. First of all, driving the hour to get there was grueling for him.
    This doctor didn't even show up to open his office until over an 90 minutes past our appointment time! I asked around in other offices and several people rolled their eyes and said that was quite par for the course for him.
    When hi arrived, he asked if we were looking for him, then said he'd be right out to get us. Well, almost HALF AN HOUR LATER, I went knocking on doors looking for him. He seemed really bothered to be there and said he lost our paper work. Instead of the standard objective test, he kept commenting negatively about my son having been home schooled. There was a definite attitude regarding my son's faith in God. Needless to say, my son was really upset for a few days. The next patient, having waiting 1.5 hours was fuming. But,it's over with and hopefully it will help his case.
    I read these posts and reply for Joe, as he is too fatigued and foggy to do it himself. We all enjoy everyone and appreciate in the info and support.
  4. Julygal

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    because I know this is routine procedure...even though it makes us wonder if they just think we're nuts!
    I was very fortunate, I think, to have the psychologist that saw me. Don't know if he really knew anything about FMS, etc. but he did say that anyone dealing with chronic pain will, of course, have depression. So he didn't think I was nuts! Ha! And I agree with others that this should only help your case.
    How I thank God that I won my disability case! It took 2 rejections, which my lawyer also said is routine. So don't be discouraged. Then one day I got the mail & a Judge had read my case information & favored my disability case. So, I didn't have to go to court as we thought I would.
    Good luck and God bless!
  5. Beth37

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    Hi,Trini,My rheumy is sending me to psych says it is necessary for my SSD,for my depression.I go next week.My rheumy is backing me on my SSD.I don't want to go either and I hate the fact I have to go thru this to prove I have a problem,but I guess I have no choice.Doesn't seem fair,does it? Good Luck!! Beth
  6. Dara

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    I was sent for a psych evaluation from SSD. Don't make the mistake that I did. I have a very very bad habit of trying to "downplay" my symptoms and problems and I believe that is what I did with him. He asked me about my childhood, parents, siblings, all the things that I find extremely personal. If I had chosen to find someone to talk to about childhood problems he would not have been my choice. So, therefore, I didn't tell him anything other than the fact that everything was just "normal", which it most certainly was not. So, basically, I was rather untruthful with him which I am sure is not in my favor. I would follow the advice of some of the above postings and make sure he knows just how bad you are on your very worse days. Maybe they'll send you to someone you really like. I know my number one problem was that I would have chosen a female instead of a male to talk to about some of my problems. I think they should at least give you that choice.