Anyone been tested for this CFS Panel by PCR

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    Hi All,

    I am just like of all of you dealing with this pain and fatigue. Mine is more severe pain. I have had more tests and am going to a specialist in a week to find out the results of some of them. My MRI came out normal. MY blood tests which they have taken so many times still come out negative for Lyme and tick borne panel. I did notice a different test called CFS Panel by PCR it included HHV-6 HHV-8 Herpes Panel CMV EBV HSV-1- and Mycoplasma . Has any body taken this specific blood test, I am just wondering how reliable it really is, if you have all the symptoms and it comes back negative. Then what? Any feedback would be helpful . I would also like to know if anyone can offer some help with sleep. I have tried it all. Ambien does not do anything, xanax and klonopin , the same thing I have even tried the supplements and they are not helping, God what I would give for a good nite's sleep.

    have a good week all !!


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    Are designed to find stealth infections in the body. They are very accurate if the blood has been carefully handled and the tests done in a very timely manner. If these criteria have not been met, there is a high probability for false negatives.

    I decided to treat empirically and am on antibacteria and antiviral meds. Both have caused me to Herx and both have made me feel better, so I know we are on the right track.

    I'm impressed you doc ran these tests.

    Love, Mikie
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    A couple weeks ago my doc told me to take St Johns Wort and it would help me sleep. I was VERY leary but have taken it for a few days, then stopped not realizing that was why I was sleeping better....waited some time to figure out to take it again and lo and behold the last three nights I have slept extrememly well in comparison to the last year.

    I still struggle to beleive that st johns wort could make this much difference but as long as I keep sleeping I will take it. I douse a very high quality product made by Metagenics......and take 2 tablets two times per day. They are each 400 mg and include Folic Acid and B 12

    Good luck....just a few weeks ago I was crying out for sleep help and have found some relief this way.
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    you haven't tried the OTC remedies, try 2 Benadryl. Or try 1 Unisom. FYI - Almost all the OTC sleep products contain the same thing as benadryl, INCLUDING Unisom gel caps!!! The regular Unisom tablets are different. (I had horrid insomnia a month ago, well maybe not horrid as I found that Unisom plus 2 Valerian Root caps worked.)
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    Mikey and friends,

    Thanks for your posts , I will try your suggestions to help sleep. btw,my labs came back negative all for hsv-1, which may or may not be accurate or a false postive. Oh well, you guys are great , its a nice feeling to know others care enough to post.