Anyone being treated at Cleveland Clinic?

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    Hi everyone,
    I am to see Dr. Adi Mehta at the Cleveland Clinic in April. Just wondered if anyone else has been treated by him. I know there are some people from Ohio on this board. I was diagnosed officially with Fibro several years ago by another Dr. there, but his bedside mannor was horrible so my family Dr. has been trying his best. My Hypothroidism has been out of whack so that is why I am searching for a specialist again. Thanks for any input.
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    for my POTS and my neurolgist is also there. I went to Canton, OH (not far from cleveland) for my fibro to Mark Pelligrino. Is it a long drive for you? It takes us 3 1/2 hrs to get there.
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    Hi, I was raised outside of Cleve. Some of my familiy still lives there. My parents both had to spend alot of time at the clinic. I was not impressed it seemed unless they have some noteriety to gain you are sort of put on back burner. Now about them and fm. they totally were non believers until a seminar down here the doc mentioned that the adminstrators wife came down with very severe fm,bedridden.He then changed his tune. You are right most of the docs there from my experience were very cold. They made soooo many errors on my parents. 1 that almost cost them (both) their lives. I had to monitor them every minute since I have a medical backgroung. Grant it they have done many wonderful things but they appear they treat you just as a number unless they can get some notice out of it for research. Maybe you can convince them how they would be noticed if they found the cure for fm.!!! My mom has been trying to get me to go for along time. I will be curious to know how far you get and their stance now??? I hope this is just alittle help. They may be more interested now. Good Luck on your quest, I will be thinking of you.
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    I will be sure to let you guys know how it goes. CarlaCat, what is POTS that you are treated for? I have heard about Dr. Pellegrino but I thought I read that he is not taking new patients from out of state. I live in NW. PA near the Ohio border.
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    I see a rheumatologist who is associated with the Cleveland Clinic but is located in a Cleveland Clinic Bldg. in Westlake (just west of downtown). His name is Dr. MacIntyre. He is an older doctor and seems to be aware of FM and CFDIS. He has a great bedside manner and spoke with me for about 45 minutes on my first visit. He likes to take things slowly and increase med dosages as needed, but slowly. But I really want to see someone who will go the extra mile as far as bloodwork and testing for other viruses or infections. And . . . when I was having serious problems with my memory (affecting and being noticed at my work) He said it was not the FM (only when you are not getting enough rest does this occur!!!). He told me to go see family doctor - which I did, he did bloodwork and ultrasound and found out my thyroid was out of whack. Went to endocrinologist and found out it is Hashimoto Disease. If anyone in Ohio or near Cleveland has a really innovative, determined and interested CFDIS or FM doctor please post it!!!!!