Anyone belong to any groups on yahoo?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by pw7575, Aug 11, 2008.

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    I was just curious if anyone here belongs to any yahoo groups? Some people and I just started a yahoo group on Friday night and today we are having trouble posting. Our posts aren't showing up today for some reason and the group page is very slow to load.

    We were just wondering if this is a common problem with yahoo groups or if they are just doing updates or something today. If this is a common problem with them we may start a group somewhere else instead.

    Anyhow...I would appreciate it anyone here would let me know if you belong to a yahoo group and if you ever have problems with it.

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    Thanks for the reply Wildflowers! Everything is set up ok and was working great the first two days we had it. Then today it seemed very slow and a couple of times it said the group was temporarily unavailable.

    This happened with both of the yahoo groups I belong to today so I am assuming that yahoo was having problems or doing updates. It actually started working fine again a little while ago. We actually moved our group over from MSN cause MSN was always giving us problems but now we were having problems today with yahoo so I guess we will see how it goes. Hopefully this doesn't happen regularly with yahoo groups.

    That stinks that you went through all that trouble and no one is using it. We have a CFS group but not many post on our group either. We have like 40 members or something but only about 3 of us post daily and a couple others post somewhat regularly.

    Good luck with your group too...I hope people start using it.

    Thanks Again,
    Pam :)
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