Anyone buy a new bed recently

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  1. Xavier

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    bed update

    I have been in the market for a new bed recently. I have looked at the innersprings with foam tops, air matresses, tempur-pedic memory beds, and firm soft side waterbeds. I would be curious to know about everyone's experience who purchased a bed over the past few months. I am a little weary about the innersprings just because they are innersprings. I gave the select comfort air matresses a try, but I didn't care for them personally. Plus, they just felt cheap to me with plastic remote and noisy air pump. I really like the tempur-pedic beds, but they are a little hard. Plus, they feel a little warm to me. Which I know is good for the body, but it isn't great for night sweets. Finally, I went into a waterbed store. First, it isn't fair to compare the old full motion water in a bag inside a wooden box waterbed to the new ones. And while I know someone commented on a soft side waterbed not being for them, I was amazed at how comfortable this thing was. At its highest firmness level (and most expensive), there was little to no motion. It felt like being on a cloud. Then I got back on the tempurpedic, and it didn't feel as comfortable anymore. My only concern...well...its a waterbed. I have to make my decision by this weekend, and its driving me nuts. However, anything will be better than the old innerspring I have now :) When I decide on something, I will let you know how it goes and if it helps with the fibro problems at all.

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    I could get a new bed right now. Actually, the one I have isn't really bad, I've had it for going on 8 years, and I bought a really firm mattress, because that's what I'm comfortable on. But in 2001, I bought a Select Comfort bed for my daughter for her birthday/Christmas/don't-ask-me-for-anything-else-all-year, because she has a back injury from 2 separate auto accidents, and those things are THE most comfortable beds I've ever tried. You can adjust the firmness to your liking, and anything larger than a twin size can be gotten with dual controls so each person can adjust "their" side of the mattress. Next time I buy a bed, I plan to get one of these.
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    I have a bed by Nautilus Sleep System, it is just like the Comfort Sleep Systems you see in the mall and on T.V, but a lot cheaper. I have a King size, duel control for my husband and I and it is the best thing since electricity was put into houses.

    I sleep, when I can sleep, like a baby on this bed. I had a waterbed for years but it did not have the firmness level I needed and it was hurting my back a lot and if you are going to get one make sure you get one with the hightest firmness level anything less will play havoc with you back also make sure you get a good heater and sometime you can find a massager that goes with them.

    If you want to look at the air mattress bed for something to compare can be found at great sleep dot com. I hope you find somethis that will help you.

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    If any of you good folks have developed any spinal difficulties, which is not unusual for FMSers, you will ultimately need support in areas that either an electric bed will address or you can purchase wedges.

    I have been putting this off way too long. By the end of the day I am so exhausted I could just about sleep on anything short of a bed of nails!

    I used to have the high dollar motionless waterbed ref'd above and it was heaven on earth but at that time I only had stenosis in the LS and no nerve entrapment.

    You are doing the right thing trying to find the bed right for you considering how much time we should be there and the importance of good level 4 sleep cycle. CactusLil'
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    Congratulations! How I envy you. A few yrs. ago, my hubby insisted on getting a foam mattress, and ever since I have had back pain. I never had it before. He insists it is not the bed because he likes it. I know it is at least partly the bed, since I prefer VERY firm mattresses. My favorite bed is a platform bed. Nothing on a box spring is as firm as a platform, and you get all that added storage in the drawers underneath.
    I agree that the TempurPedics look warm, and I live in Florida.
    I had the old, bag style waterbed and hated it, plus it was really cold in winter and the cost of running the heater on it was riduculous.
    I have a friend who bought one of the new airbeds and it is so high they had to buy a step stool to get in and out of bed. Ridiculous.
    I don't know what to tell you.....can you get a thirty day trial period with your purchase? Negotiate for one if they don't offer it. That should make you calmer about the expense.
  6. debbiem31

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    I just found an amazing bed on a website, while searching for FMS. It's called a SAM bed. It stands for self-adjusting mattress. It has 2 way valves all the way throughout it. There are no annoying pumps or controls. It's quite amazing. It automatically "self-adjusts" when you turn over. It has a wool cover on it to keep you warm or cool (in the summer). I would like very much to get one, but it's $1500 for a queen size. It has a 90 day in home trial, as well. If you can afford it, that's what I would go with. It's highly recommended for FMS sufferers.

    I have a double pillow top bed and it sucks! It's no better than any other regular bed.

    Since I've been told we can't post web addresses here, you can email me if you want the site address for the SAM bed.
    Good Luck!
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    About ten years ago, we purchased an Electropedic Bed with a latex(not foam) mattress. A couple years later we discovered that the woman we purchased it from did not explain to us that there were several different densities on the latex mattresses that you buy according to your weight so we had to end up going back to the company and buying the right mattresses but they were wonderful about it and only charged us $75.00 as opposed to the $700 the dealer wanted for a new mattress. Please remember, this was several years ago. Anyway-the latex is different from foam in that you don't get hot on it like you do the foam. Also-it does not break down like so many of the foam mattress do. The bed is a completely adjustable "hospital" type bed with a dual speed massage and all is guaranteed for 25 years. I have been comfortable in bed ever since. Keep looking until you are sure and trying them out for 30 days is a great idea. Most beds that are good for fibro are pretty pricey and it sure pays to be sure. Good Luck
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    We had a soft side water bed for ten years. It tends to let you sink towards the side where the wood is, when the other person is in the bed. Ours sprung a leak in one of the tubes, and we got a double pillow top Sterns and Foster. I hate it. Now we both roll towards the outside of the bed, only now there is no wood to stop you.

    My husband has problems too, and I hate to say anything because it was expensive.

    Have had this Dd for 28 yrs. The old heated water beds, waveless, was one of the most comforting, but it was my sons bed, so I didn't have to contend with it.


  9. pearls

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    I know you are talking about actual beds, but...

    I was in a new, very large Costco recently and saw one of those thick mattress toppers. It looks like that tempur material. They also have special pillows of the same material, about $30 for the pillow. I had seen those in a different Costco, but not the mattress toppers.

    Does anyone know anything about these?

    Also you any of you have a Cuddle Ewe mattress topper?

    Wishing I could sleep...

  10. toots2

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    We purchased a top of the line Serta pillow top mattress and I have never slept better in my life. I wanted a firm mattress for support that I need but with the pillow top it feels so very, very cushy. It was expensive but worth it. We are now in the process of purchasing one for our guest bedroom too. I can't believe what a difference it has made in how I feel in bed. I hate to get up in the morning and have to leave my comfortable, cushy mattress. This mattress is so comfortable that my father, daughter and sister bought one too. Try it, please. Toots
  11. lunabella

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    how goes it??

    yeah, those "temper-pedic" mattresses look pretty comfortable- at least on the commercial, anyway. looks like it would feel *really* good, but i dunno, never tried it.

    then again a holistic doc i saw just yesterday suggested i invest in a real (no-foam) futon. although i'm not crazy about futons. he said i should put a wood board on top of the boxspring, and the futon on the board.

    anyone tried either of these?

    we really need to get a new mattress too, as ours was just a cheap standard one & now we can feel the springs starting to poke out. many times when i wake up, after sleeping on my back, my lower back is so sore i cannot move for a few minutes. don't know how much of this is FM & how much is just the crappy mattress...??

    anyway, let us know what happens...

  12. witsend

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    Several months ago we purchased a high end Sealy Posturpedic Plush Top. They come in firm, plush, and pillow top. Salesman explained that tummy and side sleepers usually prefer the plush top and back sleepers tend to like the pillow top. Posturpedics come in a wide price and quality range and every store has their own names for exact same products. But our king set cost about 1000.00 on a good sale. It was the top one right before their outrageously expensive Gold Series line which started at about 1600.00. Dont let innersprings frighten if you havent tried good quality(expensive) ones. YOU get what you pay for.
    We LOVE ours. Good luck.
  13. karen55

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    a futon. I had given him a maple b/r set, with a double bed w/headboard and footboard. Then my sister gave him a futon for helping her move. He loves the futon and that's his bed now. The maple bed is in storage. I have to admit, the futon is much more comfortable than his bed was.
    I still like my daughter's SelectComfort bed - there's a store at the mall near us and we went several times and "tested" the mattresses before we got hers.
  14. kyliesmom

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    I bought a Simmons pillow top with memory foam very firm support but thick memory foam on top. Very Nice. Cost 2000.00 bought at a simmons outlet ( look in the phone book for it) and paid 399.00. Very happy with my purchase. Also the simmons back care is fabulous.
  15. pearls

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    What a savings! Thanks for that info. I wonder if Costco offers a bed I'd like for a price like that? I know they sell mattresses. (I practically live in Costco.)

  16. healing

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    After suffering on a broken-down inner spring mattress for years, I finally talked my husband into investing in a Select Comfort, and it has transformed my life! I wake up in the morning without the all-over achiness I used to have every single day. I fall asleep almost every night within 10 minutes of turning out the light. Best of all, I can inflate/deflate the mattress depending on my body's needs. If my arthritis is making my hips sore, I can soften the mattress up a little. If I need more support, I can firm it up. My husband can do his own thing without affecting me. I find nothing cheap about this bed -- it's guaranteed for 30+ years. Please give it another chance!