Anyone buy pain meds overseas?

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  1. monica33flowers

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    Just today I received one of those emails about buying drugs overseas without a prescription. Somehow my spam didn't catch it. But it got me to thinking as to how many people do use this service in order to get pain meds.

    I know a lot of people here have problems with dr.'s prescribing the meds so I'm just curious. Although, after I looked at the prices I was wondering how can anyone afford these drugs anyways.

    Just curious.
  2. Bunchy

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    I'm interested in this since my Soma was discontiued - it's been so hard, especially sleeping :(

    All the sites look a bit dodgy to me tho.

    Love Bunchy x

    PS Edited to say I remember a while ago someone who is a regular here (can't remember who though) said they bought a sleep med online for aa few years with no probs. Don't know where from tho and not sure if we are allowed to discuss this.[This Message was Edited on 10/05/2008]
  3. mylilcherub428

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    I would wonder if the dea watches thee sites and if you could get in trouble for buying them illegally in my state they have started drug testing people on long term pain meds to avoid diversion (people selling them on the streets)

    so I would imaginge they are gonna be eatching these sites too.

    I would also worry that you have no idea what you are really taking and putting in your body

    docs need to be helping people with pain so they don't start doing dangerous things like this they was a report on tv how most of these drugs are not what they claim to be

    I really do not think you should do this I think it is dangerous

    hope this helps

    please be carefull -Kim
  4. PVLady

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    To explain, the online pharmacies are not selling drugs without a prescription. However, they do issue a have a doctor issue a prescription without seeing you in person.

    You fill out a online questionaire that is referred to their doctor. If the doctor approved the prescription it is forwarded to their pharmacy and they fed-x the med to you.

    I have ordered a few years ago. I bought Soma and Vicoden. This was before I got my excellent pain doctor. At the time, my family doctor just laughed when I asked for Soma for the terrible aching.

    The problem is the FDA does not condone doctors issuing prescriptions without seeing you in person.

    I also ran across a online pharmacy in Texas that actually sent a paramedic to your house in order to comply with the requirement to see you in person before prescribing.

    There is a website called "drug buyers" that used to keep track of all online pharmacies and tried to let you know the good and bad ones.

    On this website they acknowledged that not everyone is a drug addict or illegal person - many people just need pain relief and are intelligent enough to make safe medical decisions.

    Yes, there are risks ordering online. You can hook up with a pharmacy where the drugs are not good, or the FDA could be monitoring and come back to you.

    At this time I would check the website of the FDA and see what their stand is on the online pharmacies. You would not want the feds to come knocking on your door if it is illegal to buy controlled drugs online.

    Again, the issue is the doctors prescribing without seeing you in person. It was about 4 years ago I bought Soma and Vicoden online. The drugs I received were fine.

    These pharmacies may not exist today..

    (The pharmacy I used was in Florida, not overseas).

    If you are having a problem I would really keep trying to find a doctor here to help. It took me going through several doctors to finally find a doctor to help.

    Even Montel Williams had to see over 25 doctors to get a diagnosis and help for his MS. It is sad is our country that we are in the dark ages as respects to pain treatment.

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  5. monica33flowers

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    OK, the tone of this post seems to have gone off track. I do not USE or PLAN to use any of these sites.

    I was just curious if anyone has used these sites. I recieved an email (which my spam didn't catch) and I couldn't believe the cost of the meds. Yet, I also know so many on this board have had trouble getting pain meds from the dr's.

    Bunchy: I'm so sorry your med got discontinued. I hope you find a replacement real soon.

    Mylilcherub: Excellent point as to what may be in these pain meds you are purchasing. That as a very scary thought!

    KJM: I didn't know that customs opened all packages. My boyfriend buys sportscards and he purchased a few jerseys from China and it didn't look like anything was opened. But that is another good point....getting caught with buying the drugs oversees probably would have some harsh consequences since you are dealing with the post office. I believe then it becomes a federal case in which I'm sure the consequences would be very severe.

    PVLady: I also have a pretty good Pain dr. right now. But this entire subject has really caught my attention and I'm going to check out some of the info you posted. A person can never be too careful.

    Thank you everyone for your responses.