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    i am dealing with excessive anger. anyone else? what can i do with it?
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    I don't think I have anger issues anymore, just the usual french temper. But I admit, I once had a problem w/ it. I was very bitter, angry and sorry for myself about my lot in life. it wasn't the easiest life, even before FM, and when I got FM it just seemed so unfair on top of it all.

    I finally realized I was only hurting myself and making my plight much worse by harbouring so much anger and bitterness, also blame. Blame at my doctors for not dx'ing me, then not treating me, then eventually at myself for this that and the other. I got counselling and a major attitude adjustment and learned to count my many blessings. I'm Canadian, live in a rich country beautiful country, even at my poorest I'm still rich by most of the world standards, and my health and situation could be so much worse.

    Life is first a lottery in getting the cards you are dealt, but a good poker player can make a winning hand out of anything. So this is what I set out to do.

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    Does being near homocidal count?

    Cause if it does, then yeah, I'm pretty darn angry tonight.
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    I've had alot of anger in my life. Most of it I turned inward and think that's why I became depressed at an early age. Never talked it about it much just tried to deal which led me to not having the kind of life I could have had or should have had. At least that's the way I see it.

    No matter how many times I've been told there's a reason for everything I still don't believe it. Like why was I the one who always wanted kids and couldn't have them. Why was I the one chosen to be the caretaker,always putting my life on hold, for everybody and never getting good credit for it just critisized especially from Mom.Why when after all I ever did was try to be good and "perfect" was I never good enough.Why after I finished raising my brothers and sisters and helped with some of their kids and thought I might be able to pick up my own life,went back to work and became sick.Why me?? Why do I have to be the one to not be able to support myself anymore. I've supported myself and others since I was 18. Why does it have to be me that can't work and go,go,go,like I used to.

    These are some of the questions I've asked myself over the yrs. and never get any answers. I try not to feel sorry for myself,I don't want to but some days it sure is hard. So I don't really have any answers but I can say I'm sorry you feel this way but I can completely understand and I'm sure there are alot of us out there.

    Take care,Keke
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    yes I have anger issues. I go to a therapist every week for it. My anger is mainly directed to my parents who pretty much threw my siblings and I away.

    With me being the oldest I took on the responsibility of raising them and doing all I could to keep them out of trouble and safe in all the environments we ended up in such as an orphanage and then living on the street.

    I have learned that once i understand all the anger and hurt it helps to rid myself of it.
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    But I find every little thing irritates me. I've ben trying some progressive relaxation, a LOT of quiet, and soft easy breathing that I learned from my biofeedback doc. I am enraged, to be honest. I've always been kind, a "good" girl - not a saint mind you, but very, very angry and worried. Especially at any doctor.
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    i am sure anger is a common thing with this illness. i really want to get rid of mine. i read the Bible, but i will say i have a hard time praying. i guess i don't trust God. in fact, i don't trust a lot of people. some have betrayed me. most have hurt me with their comments about my illness. of all the anger, i want to release that which i feel toward my husband. when i first became ill, he was cold and thought it was only emotional. when i would go to the doctor, he wouldn't go. or if i had to go the emergency room he would allow doctors to be mean and abusive to me. he wouldn't tell family members what was really going on. when people would say hurtful things to me about my illness, he would defend them. he says he is sorry and has proven himself. i just find it hard to forget. but i know i have got to let it go.
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    I have a great therapist who has shown me a technique that has done wonders for me. I do this at home also. It is called EFT or emotional freedom technique. You can learn a lot about it by putting EFT in the search line and read what comes up. There is one site that is very specific about how to do it yourself. Please do if you decide to try it follow the directions very specifically. This technique has helped me to not be so sensitive to issues that really bother me and caused me to be very angry. In my therapists explanation it is not a desensitation to the issue it is a rewiring. It seemed way out in left field to me and I was very leary of it when she first told me of it but it works and has given me a few weeks of peace with the issue of my mother and how she has not taken responsibility for her abuse and neglect of us.
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    I was always getting very angry, annoyed and generally
    pretty irritable for no apparent reason.

    It was only when i began taking anti-depressent medication
    that this anger and iritabillity began to subside.

    Even now if i take too high or too low a dose i find the
    anger and irritabillity returning.

    I take (amitriptyline) on a daily basis,
    as well as being a good quantity and quality sleep provider it also keeps the anger and irritabillity under control,

    I often remark that i continue to take this medicine for other peoples sake as much as mine own as it is they who would have to suffer my moods of furstration,anger,irritabillity etc.

    I hope this helps!.