Anyone diagnosed with an ulcer?

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    I have GERD, controlled with Prevacid but I continue to have gnawing, burning aching pain in the upper abdomen. Could it be an ulcer? Is it OK to take antacids along with the Prevacid? Anyone have an ulcer? How is it diagnosed and what are the treatments? Another ?- I also have a seizure disorder and am taking Dilantin but my doctor recommends I get off it. I have heard so many good things on this site about Neurontin. What are the side effects, if any and are there any serious long term effects of this drug? If I can take just one drug(Neurontin) to controll FM symptoms as well as the seizures why not kill 2 birds with one stone. As far as with Fm/CFS how does Neurontin benefit?
    Thanx Debbie
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    The way I have had my ulcers diagnosed is by having "the tube down the throat" test done (they can put you out for it). They can test to see if your ulcer is bacterial or not at the same time. If it is, they will prescribe antibiotics. It certainly sounds like you have an ulcer. If you want to try something less invasive first, my son has had luck with taking zantac (over the counter med) for a week or more. The pain usually goes away for him.
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    When I was 16, they found my ulcer. They first did the wonderful barium test, where you drink this thick crap from hell and stand behind some screen and the watch as it goes through your body. They didn't find it, so they put me out and did the tube down my throat. It's been a very long time ago, but I think the med they gave me at the time was rx tagamet. I only used it for a while.

    Here I am, 16 years later. My ulcer has only flared sporadically over the years, but lately, it's come back with a vengence. I haven't tried the OTC Zantac, I may do that. The only herbal remedy I know of is Chamomile. You can drink it in tea, sweetened. It tastes good. It's supposed to help calm an ulcer.

    BTW, about a year ago, I had the test done to see if it was bacterial. Unfortunately, it's not, so I can't be helped by the ABX therapy...[This Message was Edited on 06/09/2003]
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    Had a peptic ulcer about 11 to 12 years, ago. An endoscopy
    (tube down the throat/stomach) was done to diagnose it.
    You have to be sedated otherwise your gagging reflex will make you try and expel the tube. I was in a research study at the tiem and connot remember which of the earlier drugs was used (sorry).

    The area of the ulcer has had minor sensitivity in the past. However in the last six weeks, I have been getting
    suddenly nauesous and pain in just about the same spot.
    I may have done it to myself by taking niacin supplements.
    Niacin causes a "burn" and can aggrevate ulcers.
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    UNTIL, I read about the H.Pylori Bacteria being the likely culprit, it was never adequately treated..treated with antibiotics, I finally got rid of the pain of it and has not reoccurred, in eight years..

    Have been reading, recently, that if you don't have enough acid in your stomach(it was measured on a test that I had no acid in my stomach to digest food), it will opportunistically be one of the bacterias that can take over in your intestinal tract...probably common in these DDs, as we have a lot of problems in that area..

    ASK to have that tested for..H.Pylori...