anyone diagnosed with chronic tonsillities

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  1. ohsotired

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    In my road to diagnosis I was sent to an ENT who just said that I have chronic tonsillitis and will probably need my tonsils removed. Anyone else go through this diagnosis prior to looking to CFS? I acknowledge that I have a reocurring sore throat, but I am not convinced that this is the answer to my many other symptoms.

    Any advice or similar stories?
  2. Seagull

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    it became chronic after I was injured in the car accident that left me with FMS and CMP. But, I do not have all the other symptoms of CFS, so was never dx'd with that DD. I got tonsillitis some 6 to 7 times a year, until finally an ENT decided the best treatment would be to remove them, which happened about 6 years ago. I am happy to report that I no longer have a problem with sore throats, which is a relief because all the antibiotics I was forced to take for the tonsillitis were making me sick.
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    I recently had same diagnosis - chronic tonsilitis. I had surgery to remove tonsils and nasal reconstruction. If you choose to go that route, and depending on your age (42 here) it does take a LONG time to recover and for me, sent me into a major flare that is still not over. Pretty big ordeal for me. Don't have a sore throat anymore, but at this point still have swollen glands. ARGHHH!!!
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    I had a lot of problems with my tonsils and sorethroats. My only suggestion is that your ENT look higher up in the sinuses and nose for the source as dripping from these areas can cause this problem. The adnoids may also be infected.

    Make sure you get a scan of the paranasal sinuses before you procede. It will show if you have a functional nasal/sinus problem and infection which needs to be addressed.
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    About 12 years ago when I was in grad school, I was more or less diagnosed with chronic tonillitis and was given an option of getting my tonsils out. (I also have big holes in my tonsils and gross white junk collects in them!) My doctor at the time said there was maybe a 50/50 chance that getting the tonsils out would solve the problem. Also, a chance that the infection would just move somewhere else. I chose not to have surgery with those odds.

    For several more years, I suffered with chronic sore throat problems. Then one day I started having chronic ear infections and not so many sore throats. After a few years of that, I started having chronic sinus infections and not so many ear infections. This year I have started having recurrent bronchitis and not so many sinus infections. So, in my case, I think that taking my tonsils out would not have solved the problem since the infections do seem to move around, but are all connected with my sinuses in some way.

    Since I have been on this site and found out about taking licorice root, my sinus problems to be a lot better. I'm not sure what the connection is. I think the licorice is supposed to help the adrenals and I am not sure how that would help the sinuses. Maybe somebody else out there knows.

    I wish you the best whether you decide to have your tonsils out or not.


  6. ohsotired

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    for responding. That white gunk (Karenq) is what gave my ENT the 100% diagnosis. I though everyone had that stuff, but according to doc that is a giveaway to chronic tonsillitis. I am now on a 20 day regime of Amoxicillian then to more drastic measures. I will only take this one symptom at a time.

    The first thing he did, stillkicking, was a CTscan of the sinus looking for chronic sinitis because that does run rampant in my family. Everthing looked normal there he said.

    Thank you all for reading.
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