Anyone do any April Fool's Day jokes?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by TwinMa, Apr 1, 2008.

  1. TwinMa

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    I usually only do pretty mild mannered jokes. This morning I said good morning to my twins by the wrong names. One got real huffy and said "Mom! I'm NOT XXXX! I'm XXXX!!! I tried arguing with her and said, "No, you're not!" She got real irritated and showed me her braces to prove who she was! LOL!

    The other one was very polite and just reminded me who she was.

    I definitely got them both. At least they both laughed and thought it was a pretty good joke!

    Did you do any good jokes! Have any good ones played on you?
  2. therealmadscientist

    therealmadscientist New Member

    I can't seem to convince anyone that the Leaning Tower of Pizza fell over.

    A few years ago I had a great time with one of those movement activated guard devices that has a recording of a loud barking guard dog.

    At work, we put inside of refrigerators so that whoever opened door got a big surprise.

    ( Suppose would work for dieting and keeping deer away
  3. lgp

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    When my identical twin daughters were younger, (they're 18 now and attend different universities in two separate states) and actually all through high school, April Fool's Day was one of their favorite days of the year. They would always switch classes for the day and their teachers never caught on. All their friends did though, and thought it was hilarious!! Then later in the day they would always figure out some trick to play on their dad or their grandparents. Really funny stuff. I always went along with it as long as it was all in fun. I wonder if they're thinking about all their shinanigans today!

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  4. painterZ

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    by a pretty good trick. Her friend scooped out the cream of some Oreo cookies and filled it with toothpaste. My daughter didn't think it was funny but I thought it was hilarious!

  5. victoria

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    Did ya'll your check your vision today?

    Go to my post today about it.............

  6. TwinMa

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    ReadMad - I like the barking dog bit! I think that's what they need on that bridge in your profile. That's a lot of deer on a bridge!

    lgp - I keep trying to talk my girls into tricking other people by doing a "swap", but that's too outside the box for them. They are VERY shy. A couple of years ago when they were wearing hair barrettes with their names on them, I tried to convince them to just swap barrettes and see who noticed. They couldn't even do that! I am sure your daughters are talking to each other about days past. Must be hard having them in two different places.

    painterz - I love the oreo trick! At least it was toothpaste and not spackle!

    Today, one of my girls teachers put shaving cream in the gym teacher's shoes! (it was a retaliation thing). I thought that was pretty good. Especially when it's one teacher doing it to another teacher!
  7. TwinMa

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    I checked out your vision post. Yikes! It was like looking in a mirror. Scary!
  8. lgp

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    The funny thing about the girls pulling tricks--they were pretty shy too but not when it came to swapping places and joking which actually made it all the more funny!! When they finished middle school there was an awards ceremony. As they announced one twin's name, the other one would go up and get all their awards, shaking hands with all the teachers, principal, guidance counselors, etc. on the stage. All the kids watching would be hysterical laughing because none of the administration could tell the difference. Another time, in high school (I think it was 9th grade) they both didn't like the way their yearbook photo came out and wanted to do the retake. Well, one of them was on a field trip that day, so one twin went in, had her picture taken, came out of the room, shook her hair to part on the other side and removed her cardigan--she had a tee shirt on underneath. She went back in and said she was her sister and sat for the portrait pretending to be her sister. When I got the retake photos in the mail, I said to the photographed daughter, "I had to pay for two pictures of you?" Well, her picture is in that yearbook twice, and their friends have always gotten a good laugh out of that one too!!! Regular jokesters!!!!

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  9. mollystwin

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    I didn't get anyone with an April fool, but I should have.

    I love the Twin tricks. Molly and I never traded places, but in the 11th grade I had a math teacher who used to accuse me of trading and being my sister. He said something like Do you think I'm dumb and can't tell what you are doing by trading places with your sister? Yep he was dumb alright, becaues I wasn't trading and we didn't even look much alike that year. Molly had short highlighted hair and mine was to my shoulders!! I had to show him my drivers license to prove who I was!!!

    Next year I think I'll call Molly and pretend to think I am her and she is me! I hope she doesn't read this, or she won't fall for it.

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  10. TwinMa

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    Thanks Laura & Dar for sharing your twin escapades! I'll have to let my girls read this thread. Maybe it will encourage them to try a few pranks. I'm much more mischievious than them, so I don't get why they don't take advantage of their situation!

    The yearbook photo swap was a very good stunt! Love it! It's great that their friends figured it out, but not the staff. Good one!

    Dar, your teacher really was dumb. I think guys in general can't tell twins apart, even with different hair. My brother-in-law has known the girls since birth and he STILL can't tell them apart! One is an inch shorter and has braces and holds her body completely differently from her sister. Dumb boys.
  11. TwinMa

    TwinMa New Member

    I guess we were posting at the same time.

    The paper sandwich is a good one. That's really a low cal sandwich! At least it is high fiber!
  12. victoria

    victoria New Member

    those were all really funny... I always thought it would be neat to be a twin, I was always jealous LOL.

    There was a set of twins in my grade 4th thru 6th, they used to pull tricks like switching classrooms as early as 2nd or 3rd grade in another school... their Mom overheard them laughing about it! I guess they weren't shy... always wondered what happened to them!

  13. jeduanboneis

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    For the past 2 days I have been hosing off the outside of the house because of the pine tree pollen in this area. My husband is working out of town, so I called him during his lunch to tell him that I had been cleaning the outside of the house and the GUTTER FELL OFF !!!!!
    He said,"You mean it is laying on the side of the house or is it laying in the yard ????? Whoo-Hoooo!!!!
    So I yelled, "APRIL FOOL" !!!!
    And he said "You got me!!!".
    It was good to hear him laugh real hard as he is a very,
    very serious guy.

  14. TwinMa

    TwinMa New Member

    I was listening to the radio on the way in to work yesterday (April 1) and they announced that Nirvana was getting back together with Courtney Love doing the lead vocals. They had an interview with one of the band members and even had a track of Courtney singing a Nirvana song (very badly, I might add). They said they were going to be doing a tour, since Courtney "owns" Nirvana.

    Now, I'm not exactly up on Nirvana, but I do know who they are and who Courtney Love is. I haven't been living under a rock, after all. After I heard the hype, I thought, Man, no one is going to go to that lame concert. And Nirvana fans are going to be up in arms over this!

    Today, on my way in to work, I was listening to the same station and they said it was all a big April Fool's joke. They had spent a lot of time setting it all up. Well, they totally got me. I fell for it hook line and sinker!

    And I even KNEW it was April Fool's Day! Doh! Good one!

    I like the gutter falling off story. It's always good to put one over on hubby!