anyone do exercise bike?

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  1. daylilyfan

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    ok, they say exercise. Dr. says walk, swim or water exercise, or bike. I live 25 miles from a pool. Won't drive 50 miles round trip. Can't go walking due to old fractures in foot. So says go biking. I live in the country. Same 25 miles to drive to a bike path, to dangerous on our roads to bike. Narrow half gravel half paved roads up and down hills and curves - and idiots drive 80 mph.

    Was looking at nordictrack recumbant bikes - around $500. A long time ago I tried a regular nordic trac - LOL - was not coordinated to do the ski-thing, kept falling off the back LOL!!

    Anyway, when I lived near a bike path 20 years ago, I enjoyed it. Figured this recumbant thing would be easier on my sore shoulders and back.

    Anyone do this and find it tolerable?
  2. Juloo

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    ...stepping around my treadmill to get into the bathroom.

    Sigh. I KNOW I need to get on it for it to do me any good, though.

    I like the treadmill because I can do it indoors in the air conditioning (I'm very sensitive to heat and sunlight -- Florida has a bunch of both). But I love being outdoors in the late fall, winter, and early spring.

    I used to love bike riding as a kid...especially because I grew up in a rather flat part of the country, so didn't have to struggle w/hills.

    If my ankles were better, I'd take up roller skating again! I like swimming as well, but have trouble dealing with the effects of cooler water this year.
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    I've done 10 minutes each time I went to physical therapy on the recumbant bike lately. I don't feel that it is stressful to my back in any way but gets my heartbeat up. My doctor wants me to break a sweat but not walk on the treadmill for now because it is too jarring. I saw a bike advertised at Kk-Mart for $99 and thought I might check it out. I like the back support that these type of bikes provide.

    I live in a high desert and it is either too hot, too windy, or too cold most of the time to make regular biking enjoyable. If anyone has any information about a particular brand of bike, please post and tell us about it.
  4. daylilyfan

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    maybe more people will respond

    Yes, it is the indoor part that attracts me about this too. As I say, it is to dangerous to ride on the roads where I live. I have asthma and it would be far better for me to do inside in controlled conditions.

    My Mother has a regular indoor bike in the basement that she got after she "got her new knees" and had to do a stationary bike. It is very upright, and down right uncomfortable. I cannot see me doing it.

    I had the other piece of nordictrack equipment and was impressed with the customer service and the quality. If you go to their website, click on bikes, I was thinking of the SL 728, which is on sale for $499. I am a "Rubenesque Woman" as one of my better friends recently put it.... I'm about 75 lbs overweight. (don't you just love that "Rubenesque?") So I want something good and sturdy. Plus I am short, and their equipment is usually easy to adjust for very "vertically challenged" people.

    Anyone else a vertically challenged Rubenesque person out there? LOLOLOL
  5. DesertSnow

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    I love bike riding! I'd also recommend lifting weights. 3 or 5 lb dumbells.

  6. cbs1234

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    I have found that biking is the only exercise I can handle due to the full body pain. I used to run, tennis, golf, ski, etc prior to my problems beginning 4 years ago. I couldn't give up the exercise totally. So, no matter how tired or how much pain I am in, I bike (usually the recumbent bike) at least 4 times per week.

    I started at a very low setting and did 5 or 10 minutes each session. Gradually worked my way up to 30 to 45 minutes at a relatively strenous pace. It is doable because it is low impact and a very steady (versus fast twitch) motion. Definitely give it a try. I truly believe it helps me.
  7. chp1298

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    The only exercise I can do is recumebnt biking and it doesnt cause me any additional pain. To increase my workout I use light weights and keep my arms moving the whole time ,my heartrate goes up pretty good. I used to do aerobics but since the knee replacement and other probs I cant do anythign but biking and not suffer from it. My doc says it is good.
  8. daylilyfan

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    for the replies!

    I hope to go look at them soon...... There is a Nordic store near me.

    What brands do you have/use?

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    juloo- that had me cracking up,

    daylilyfan- I bought a doughboy pool (about 5 foot) and I lift weights in it and do kicking exercises etc. I did have a bike but I was like juloo and did nto use it so I gave ti to my mom.

    Here to exercising our way to good health.

    I live in Arizona though so it might not be the thing for you where you live,

  10. daylilyfan

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    for the other woman asking about biking