Anyone do Kefir for gut / immune?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Wolverine, Jul 22, 2008.

  1. Wolverine

    Wolverine Member

    Hi all.

    Have read alot on Kefir lately as i have been drinking Yakult (fermented bact drink) and it has been helping.

    So after much research on Kefir - which seems it should be wonderful with so many strains of good bacteria etc, decided to give it a go - ESPECIALLY since my GUT is my main cause of CFS/FM.

    SO. I've been brewing it - water kefir and milk kefir - but since im milk intolerant (very) ive only been having tiny bits of it. I can drink the water one down ok - tastes fine actually. However the last few days ive had like 2 cups of the water kefir, and ive had alot of nausea and quite bad headaches.

    Also the main thing.. Im getting symptoms of YEAST brain fog. Im very intolerant to yeast (in breads / drinks, whatever) but i thought because the yeasts in kefir are supposed to be "good" yeasts.. they mite not affect.. but it seems im getting yeast symptoms from it. :( Not sure if thats just an initial thing because the gut flora is changing around and body is reacting to such.. or if it's just that i cant tolerate any yeast even good.

    Anyone else had experience with it? Thanks.
  2. Khalyal

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    When I first started using Kefir I had to do it in very small amounts, like a shotglass full. A dear friend of mine had started using it before I did and she gave me this tip.

    I did have yeast overgrowth at first but I plowed through and it went away. I worked up to 2 shotglasses, but that's my limit. Any more and it seems to tip the scale.

    Maybe it's just a matter of finding what dosage works for you?

  3. Wolverine

    Wolverine Member

    Interesting.. yes the last 2 days ive gone way over the limit - tonite i had 2 large glasses full! Tonite i have REALLY foggy thinking and a weird headache same as when i eat any yeast product. This is on the water kefir.

    I've been trying shots of milk kefir. I shouldnt really have milk of any kind because im very intolerant to it - the casein more so even than the lactose. But the guy that is very knowledgeable on it says u can ferment even rice, nut or soy milk with the grains - but they will only really keep growing / multiplying in real milk.

    So im going to try rice milk one day and normal milk the next to keep it growing as said by the expert. Problem is.. i can only drink very small amounts and you need to use like 2-4 cups at a time to brew it!

    Makes it expensive / waste of milk if no one else drinks it - but have to keep the grains growing.

    What do you do as you take small amounts? So did you have yeast like symptoms at first now its gone away? Do you feel the kefir is benefiting your body?

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  4. Khalyal

    Khalyal New Member

    I just kept up with the shot dose and the beginnings of yeast overgrowth receded. Someone said that it's worse if you stop taking it, because then the overgrowth of bad bacteria has a chance to flourish. If you keep taking the kefir, the good bacteria will take over. That's what I was told anyway, and it seemed to work out that way for me.

    I do feel that it's making a difference. I did a good colon cleanse before I started, and I think that helped to give the good stuff a fighting chance. Now I maintain the kefir, do a mild liver detox two weeks on and two weeks off, and don't allow myself to stay constipated for more than two days without addressing it. I think it pays off to keep everything moving. That's part of the detox pathway.

  5. Wolverine

    Wolverine Member

    That sounds very logical! Yeh - somethng i have found in the past is that the drug Difflucan makes a DRASTIC difference in all my symptoms! So much pain, brain fog and fatigue lifts after taking even a few doses - however my liver is severely impaired for detoxing - works about 10x less than normal apparently.

    Difflucan - even one dose, makes me feel deathly ill all day after taking it (or nite) including more weakness, fatigue, pain, difficulty breathing, liver pain, and a general feeling of being completely poisoned. This lasts around 24hrs but after it finally clears from my body and i sleep.. wow the symptom improvement is huge! Well thats past experience a good few years ago now, but im guessing it would be the same. The deathly side effects make me stop straight away though after a max of 2 doses :( so its kind of dissapointing.

    What is your 2 week mild liver detox? thats a good deal of the time so it must just be specific foods yes?
  6. Khalyal

    Khalyal New Member

    No, I buy a detox kit at the healthfood store. Probably can't name it here since they sell supplements, but it's very mild and you can use it all the time if you want to. I do two weeks on and two weeks off because my system just seems to handle it better that way.

    he kit is two sets of caplets, one for morning and one for evening. All kinds of good stuff in them like milk thistle, dandelion root, etc.

    I concentrate on my liver because that's a key element in the immune system and detox path. A healthy liver is essential!

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  7. Wolverine

    Wolverine Member

    I think it's fine to let others know what brands or products we're using, alot of people here do it all the time. I.E. the people on methylation all know that the metagenics brands of b12's and folates are the most reccomended for that protocol. So do let me know what brand :) I may not need that brand as many of those detox kits have similar stuff in them anyway, but a mild one sounds good as myself and others are more reactive to 'stronger' things.

    It's true the liver is one of the biggest things in our conditions and especially mine.. all my probs started there! I cant handle too strong liver detox products for this reason. I get pain there.

    Thanks again. ~Chris.

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