Anyone done these new FOOT SOAKS ...

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by MamaDove, Oct 10, 2006.

  1. MamaDove

    MamaDove New Member

    to suck out the toxins out of our body...

    We had a support group meeting today and the chirocracktor that was a guest speaker told us of a detox he uses in his office...Now someone had mentioned this to me before so of course I googled it...I see not-so-nice comments regarding this new wave of detoxing...

    It seems it goes something like this...They have a special foot bath that they add a substance to (think it's salt and something else, memory fails me), this mixes with the current in the machine and sends electricity through your body, in turn cleaning out the toxins...His words, not mine. The water then turns many shades of colors, they show mostly brown in the ads for it...

    Skeptic that I am, I tend to believe the man that blogs the idea that even if your feet are not put in the bath, the water turns colors due to the chemicals in the water reacting to the 'whatever it is, ionization?'...I'm sorry more fog...

    Well, I mentioned to this doc what I found and that I was a skeptic...He explained that his machine costs $3-4k and is unlike the others at $300...Along with some other mumbo jumbo that my brain didn't process, he never once disagreed with my 'findings'...

    Sooooooooooooooooo, my question is this...Has anyone done these so-called detoxing foot baths? Do you feel that what you experienced was in fact a detoxification of some kind through the pores in your feet? Was it beneficial in any way other than your feet feeling like you just soaked them regularly at home?

    Any comments I would appreciate...Sorry so skeptical, but it seems they are coming out with 'tools' used to help us with fibro and such and they seem like such a bunch of HOOEY to me...After totalling up all my past medical bills and finding that I spent over $184,000 over the years on getting well, I am hesitant about claims like this esp. when they are suggested by a chirocracktor...Nothing against them personally, I once had a wonderful one, but the last 3 left me 'broken'...

    Hope to hear from yas, thanks in advance~Alicia
  2. Kayleen

    Kayleen New Member

    I have been doing the ionic foot bath this past month.
    The first time I did it I kind of ached that night then felt better the day after. That machine can't manufacture what came out of my feet! The bottom was covered with dark brown gunk! The next couple times I drank a lot of water before and after the detox. The water was still dark with that gunk.... but that night I slept completely through the night...didn't even wake up at all....that's the first time in 5 years. Yippee....

    The fourth time there wasn't as much gunk on the bottom and it was a lighter orange rather than brown. According to the internet the brown and orange colors represents detoxing of joints, liver, and cellular debris.

    In my opinion that's why we are all sick. We are full of toxins from chemicals in the air and in our food. The more toxins we get out the better we feel.

    I'm not sure but when the pain is worse I think it is detoxing. When I was going through the detox with guifenisen I felt horrible for awhile but then I felt lots better.

    I have been working on detoxing alot. Drinking more water.. I use the ionic foot bath, Alpha Spa which detoxes with heat and high frequency micro current.

    I feel better now than I have in 5 years. I do have a few bad days but for the most part it's all pretty good.

    I hope you try it and I hope it works for you.
  3. u34rb

    u34rb New Member


    I have an ionic foot bath and have used it for more than a 100 times.

    There is no mystery or mumbo jumbo about. The only thing added to the warm water is salt. This is to reduce the resistance to the low voltage current, which never exceeds 1.5 amps.

    There's also nothing new about it, I've had mine now for at least two years.

    You are correct to say that when you pass a low current through salty water it does turn a mucky brown, even before putting the feet (or anything else) in the water. But if you submerge the feet for 30 minutes then, depending on your state of health, it can turn a very scummy black, with patches of red, green and other colours.

    There is no mystery or mumbo jumbo about. To say that it detoxifies the body or extracts toxins is an over simplification. It probably does draw ‘something’ out through the pores of the feet, but what is more important are the positive effects it sets up throughout the body, which can last several days.

    It’s a matter of fact that the human body has an electromagnetic field that is considered out of balance when we are ill. So it’s no surprise to me that I get a positive benefit from using the footbath, regardless of knowing exactly what is going on. But then I get relief from reflexology, hyperbaric oxygen and LDN as well, which many sceptics scoff at.

    As far as price is concerned, I found someone locally who offers individual sessions on private basis. I felt a lot better after a single session. It improves my fatigue and pain, and I sleep a lot better. So I shopped around on eBay before finding the unit I now use at the best value. There are units that cost thousands of dollars but they fit in a bathtub, where you lie down in the warm salty water and get the effect over more of the body and involving more pores.

    By all means be sceptical of ionic footbaths, but it may be your loss!
  4. maedaze

    maedaze New Member

    They showed one on tv here, showed one where someone had their feet in and one just left for 30 mins with nothing in it. Both ended up the same murky brown colour.??

    It was on a show as someone complained they had bought one and didn't feel any better from it etc and that people were selling it with outragous claims etc. The guy selling it couldn't explain why the one with no feet in also went the same yukky brown colour as the one that was full of toxins from the person with his feet in.

    But then we are an odd bunch and can find relief in things others cant!! I would try it out before buying one though.
    Like you I have spent mega amounts of money on things that well plain just don't work for me.

    Good luck and you are right to be skeptical about everything, we are such an easy target to be sold to. It's trying to sort what works from the not to bother with bunch.
  5. LittleBluestem

    LittleBluestem New Member

    How about filling a $3 plasic dishpan with warm salt water and soaking your feet in that?
  6. Jeanne-in-Canada

    Jeanne-in-Canada New Member

    try using a soup pot, big enough to get at least one foot in, and fill water just hot enough to tolerate and add about a one third cup sploosh of lemon juice. Soak and enjoy. this definitely detoxifies and also makes me sleepy and so mellow and reduces my pain.

    The person who uses an ionic footbath, I'd be curious if you tried my footbath and let us know the results comparred to yours.

  7. kriket

    kriket New Member

    I have one also. It turned a darker color the first time than it did any other time. The more I soaked, the less the color and gross murky stuff.


  8. u34rb

    u34rb New Member


    You say:

    "They showed one on tv here, showed one where someone had their feet in and one just left for 30 mins with nothing in it. Both ended up the same murky brown colour.??"

    "It was on a show as someone complained they had bought one and didn't feel any better from it etc".

    First of all, from my experience, the first time I used an ionic footbath the water went very black, in subsequent sessions the colour and scum reduced eventually to the standard mucky brown that occurs when no feet are in the bath.

    I have heard that in respect of particularly healthy people no change is seen in the water, that is, it turns the same brown colour as if there were no feet in the water.

    So the answer to the TV show 'puzzle' could well be that the person demonstrating the bath wasn't actually ill. And this would account for them not "feeling any better from it etc".

    Jeanne-in-Canada: If something makes a big difference in the quality of life of someone suffering a chronic condition, is it expensive?

    Since the principle of the ionic bath is not that of a soak I won't be trying the comparison that you suggest, but I may well add lemon juice sometime, I imagine that it would make the room smell good.

    littlebluestem: I hope that you think that your post was funny, but I'm not laughing about being chronically ill for the last 12 years.
  9. PVLady

    PVLady New Member

    I like Johnsons good old fashioned foot soak myself...
  10. MamaDove

    MamaDove New Member

    kriket...your Mom and the parasites...WOW!!!!! I'm sold!

    I am gonna try the lemon thing too...

    littlebluestem...very cute!

    kayleen and u34rb...very glad you have had great results...

    I'd like to do the whole body detox in the bath but I am afraid if I detoxed my whole body, my husband would be left with a clump of hair in the tub and no ME...I agree with are FULL of toxins, but so must be many others that are not sick like we are...Or are they? I dunno, just woke up with the sorest back muscles, did someone beat me last nite? My black lab sleeps in between us all night and dreams and I get kicked! But hey, he's doing it more than 11 years now, not stopping him now...tehe

    Anyhoo, thanks for sharing, gonna find some foot soaking tools and detox outta my feet...I also love the Johnson's foot soak in pail of water, love it, even just that makes me feel better...pampered!

    Any others want to share?


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  11. LittleBluestem

    LittleBluestem New Member

    No, I was not trying to be funny. MamaDove was expressing concern about the cost & effectiveness of this new foot soak gadget. I was merely suggesting that she do what I am doing - try a cheaper alternative. If you do a search of the topic here, you will find that people have had success with a variety of ‘low tech’ detox footbaths.

    If you can afford the ionic footbath and it works for you that is fine; but it is no reason to disparage treatments that other people find helpful. I am not laughing and have very little money after being chronically ill for 20 years.
  12. zoemurr

    zoemurr New Member

    If you want to try one call a few local chiros. (Find one that works with holistic methods.) Mine has one and really wanted me to try it. I did 3-4x ($15 each I think..)and I didn't notice anything, but she has seen a lot of + results. It is nice and relaxing if it fits in your budget.
  13. Marscol

    Marscol New Member

    I have used it several times and I feel it really helps. The first time I used it I was amazed at the colors in the water. It either makes me tired or gives me more energy depending on the day. I will try anything to feel better.
  14. Redwillow

    Redwillow New Member

    I was told about this recently. Someone had a foot soak done, and there were parasites in the water afterwards.

    I would be interested but I was told that the treatment was $50 a visit.

    Is there a reasonably priced version you can get in Canada that someone would recommend?

    hugs Redwillow
  15. Kayleen

    Kayleen New Member

    I'm lucky. For a small town in Nebraska we have a wonderful spa that is inexpensive. The ionic foot bath is just $15.00. The Alpha Spa, which is only $25 and they have a Hawaiian Lomi Massage Chair that is also just $15.

    As far as the foot bath goes, my first time was horribly gucky...the last one I had was slightly orangish brown.
    A couple of times I hurt horribly, but felt wonderful a few days later.

    If it is the same as Guifenesin, it hurts more for awhile while the toxins are coming out and then you feel much better later.

    The Alpha Spa just feels great anytime you ache. It is dry heat, I like it at about 165 degrees for 30 minutes.
    You just feel better after you have done it.

  16. u34rb

    u34rb New Member


    An ionic footbath is not “new”, not a “gadget” and not a “foot soak”.

    They have existed for several years and are serious medical appliances. They work by virtue of conducting a low electrical current to the surface of the feet; the contact with salty water is incidental. In other words if you use the bath without connecting the power then you will have a ‘foot soak’, but it will not be an ioninc foot bath.

    Therefore a ‘foot soak’ is not an alternative to an ionic footbath, regardless of what if anything is added to the water, and regardless of how much cheaper it may be. And this was your original question.

    If a ‘foot soak’ is great for you or anyone else, then that’s fine. But unless an ionic footbath is tried out then you won’t know if you’re making a false economy or not.

    I am sure that you are genuinely ill and sadly for longer than me. I don’t know your personal medical circumstance so I cannot know if an ioninc footbath would help you. Cost is always a consideration, which is why I would always suggest that someone try one out first. I too know all about the cost of chronic illness and for me my ioninc foot bath has paid for itself by now and proved to be good value. I found it on that large Internet auction site.

    Redwillow, in the UK you can get a treatment session, so as to try out an ionic footbath before buying. The cost is about $US 30 to $US 50 per session. Buying outright is about $US 300 to $US 1500, and the running cost is between $US 2 to $US 12. So, if it works for someone, then buying is cheaper, and a unit can soon pay for itself. If it helps, I can suggest trying out the unit with the cheapest cost per session, and buy the cheapest to buy, but bear in mind the running cost. In my humble opinion the more expensive units do not represent value for money.
  17. sistergal2

    sistergal2 New Member

    There may be other health conditions that could be affected by the ionization water foot soak unit. I have epilepsy and have been told I cannot use the water ionization unit as the ionization could actually cause a seizure. This is why I am trying the foot pads. Scutinize every single thing you can concerning your health before trying!
  18. Chiligal

    Chiligal New Member

    I'm a Medical Technologist and worked in Microbiology for many years,several made reference to parasites being removed after these treatments,just out of curoisity were these parasites identified by anyone qualified to do so,I'm interested in what type of parasite it was,please let me know if you have any idea what they were. Thanks.

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