Anyone done vitamin c flush? How high did you go?

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  1. bpmwriter

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    hi all,

    i'm about an hour and a half into a vitamin c flush (up to 35 grams) and haven't evacuated yet. at this rate, i would never be able to afford to take my daily requirement which stands at around 26 grams now! wondering if anyone else has done this and how high they went before evacuating.

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  2. deliarose

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    Can't answer yr question, but would be really interested to know more about this procedure.

    Are we talking about an enema?
  3. bpmwriter

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    i evacuated right after i wrote this, actually several times ...doh! i'm getting ready to detox with an old school cholesterol drug called questran and it's recommended to do a vitamin c flush beforehand. i'll paste some info below for you.


    Human beings, monkeys and guinea pigs are just about the only animals that cannot produce their own Vitamin C. During health, the Vitamin C you take into your body through foods and supplements, usually lasts for about 30 hours. During illness, however, it can be used up in as quickly as a 1/2 hour. Experience suggests that during the detoxification phase (while you're on Questran) your vitamin C requirements may skyrocket. Because of this, doing a Vitamin C Flush can be critical to this treatment working. You only need to take the extra Vit C for as long as you're taking the Questran.

    As everyone's needs are different, it is important that you tailor the Vit C dose to your body's needs. You can do this by seeing how much Vit C it takes to create watery diarrhea similar to what you would have after taking an enema. To determine how much Vit C to take each day, do a Vit C Calibration. Take 3 to 6 grams (1 to 2 teaspoons) of Vit C every 15 minutes until 1 to 2 pints of watery diarrhea occurs (do not stop when you simply have a loose stool). This usually takes about one to four hours and is sometimes associated with a "flush" during which people feel much better. The period where you feel better lasts longer and longer over time. THE TOTAL DAILY DOSE OF VIT C THAT YOU WILL NEED IS 3/4 OF THE DOSE THAT IT TOOK TO CAUSE THE DIARRHEA. (For example, if you took 3 grams every 15 minutes for two hours ie: 8 doses, before you had watery diarrhea, this would be 3 grams times 8 doses (or 24 grams). Divide 24 by 3/4 and that would mean that you would need to take 18 grams a day. Beginning the next day, spread your daily dose through the day (ie: takeit at least 2-4 times a day) while you're awake and do not take more than 4 grams during any 1/2 hour period. (1 gram = 1000mg)

    Around once a week, you may want to repeat the test to see how much Vit C your body still needs by repeating the Vit C Calibration. The Questran is constipating, so it may take a higher dose of Vit C than it usually would to cause the diarrhea. Because of this, do not increase the Vit C by more than 25 percent above the dose you took the first week. Normally, the dose you need will decrease as your body gets saturated with Vit C and your health improves.

    1- Use only BUFFERED CALCIUM / MAGNESIUM ASCORBATE. Use the powdered form, which contains three grams of Vit C per teaspoon for the calibration. Dissolve it in at least one ounce of water per gram of Vit C. Be sure to record the total amount of Vit C that you take as you are doing the calibration. When dissolving the Vit C, wait until it stops bubbling, to drink it.

    2- You may get some as or rectal burning during the flush. This can be decreased by going a little more slowly and being sure to use plenty of water to dissolve the Vit C. This is unpleasant but improves with time.

    3- Start the Vit C Calibration early in the day before eating and give yourself the opportunity to stay home all day in case it take a higher dose than normal to get the watery diarrhea. Most people get the diarrhea / flush at between 3-8 teaspoons of Vit C. For those whose illness is more severe however, it may take over twenty teaspoons. If you start with 1 teaspoon every 15 minutes and you experience no rumbling (feeling of having to evacuate soon) after 4 doses (1 hour) then you should double the dose to 2 teaspoons every 15 minutes, otherwise it may take 4-5 hours to flush.

    4- Although it is easier to use the powder for the one-day Vit C Calibration, you may find that for day-to-day use, the tablets may be more convenient. Use ONLY Buffered Vit C Tablets or Powder.
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    Thanks for that. I assume it is only recommended for people taking questan?
  5. Seeseaisme

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    The nurse I see has told me to take dietary supplements for adrenal fatigue. I was told to take 3,000mg - 5,000mg.

    I have worked my way up to 3,500mg,per day. I don't know about a "flush", but when I first started taking the 300mg capsules I had loose stools the first day.

    I guess my body has adjusted and I have worked my way up to 3,500mg with no problems now. More than that and I have the #2 problem.

    Is this what you're talking about?
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  6. bpmwriter

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    i have a book entitled 'prescription for nutritional healing' which says vitamin c "promotes the healing of wounds and protects the body from bacterial infection, allergens and other pollutants." it goes on to describe the flush therapy and claims it can "help treat chemical allergies and chemical poisoning, arsenic and radiation poisoning, influenza and sprains, and help prevent other illnesses including cancer and AIDS." so it's not necessarily just for those on questran. it just happens to be that your need for vitamin c increases with questran so it's good to flush first.


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