Anyone else a "lyric machine?"

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  1. minimonkey

    minimonkey New Member

    This is a bit of an offshoot on the song in the head thing that so many of us have --

    I'm wondering if anyone else has an almost inhuman ability to remember lyrics?

    I can literally remember all the words to songs I haven't heard for 20 years -- like whole albums worth of songs -- my husband is completely blown away by this!

    It has to be some oddity in my auditory processing/memory function -- and it is mostly to do with things set to music. I have a really exceptional memory for dialogue, too -- though not so much for other auditory information, like lectures -- and definitely not as good with written material.

    Just wondering if I am alone in this, or does anyone else have it?

  2. victoria

    victoria New Member

    I do remember Elvis Presley doing a song where he had no problem singing the singing parts, but it was a song where there was also a 'talking' part, and he couldn't remember the words so made some up with a wink of the eye and made fun of himself...

    My husband explained to me how the brain works that way (he has a degree basically in neurphysiology), but can't remember...

    when he comes home I'll try to get him to re-explain it...

    sounds kind of like you?

    all the best,
  3. dononagin

    dononagin New Member

    I set an entire College course on Management to music.. only way I could remember everything..

    I still can remember most of the course 15 years later..

    (example.. to the tune of twinkle twinkle little star..)
    all your questions must relate
    to the candidates ability to do the job...

    Pretty pathetic but I ace'd the course!!

    I get songs stuck.. I've even answered my cell phone a few times when it wasn't ringing because I hear the music in my mind..
  4. Jessa34

    Jessa34 New Member

    I am that way about some songs, then of course they run through my head forever... but I've noticed that I have quite the memory when it comes to recognizing actors/actresses from shows or movies from years ago, even if the show they were on was short-lived and they aren't around for years.

    I can't remember what I need to and feel like there are these holes in my memory but have no problem with the most random useless things. It would be more amusing if it was happening to someone else though :(
  5. Rainshadow

    Rainshadow New Member

    I can put on a radio station that plays songs from the 40's thru 70's and sing along with every one. Some songs I didn't even know I had ever heard. My husband can tell you who's singing it. Not me. And very often a phrase in conversation will set off a song in my head. Hubby does this too. It's funny when we both burst into the same obscure song together. I love music so I don't mind being able to sing along. However, I do need to be singing along. I can't come up with the lyrics on my own.
  6. LollieBoo

    LollieBoo New Member

    You are hilarious, and yet... I have the same thing going on! Every Christmas season, my family has me sing tons of carols that nobody else can remember. I will try to catch a segment of the song in my mind, just certain that I'll not be able to hook it, then "pop!" there it is, beginning to end.

    Of course, if no one there knows the true lyrics... I could be TOTALLY wrong! The rest of the time, I will just occasionally belt out a tune that's stuck in my head and I'll find I know way more verses or lines than I thought I did.

    BUT! The beginning of the third verse of 'One Tin Soldier' has eluded me for so long, and I find it frustrating for no other reason than it is a ballad, and I am mising the middle; the climax! Who really cares is beyond me!

    When I was 9, I won a tape of 'American Country: Kenny and Crystal Style'. Back in those days, I was lucky to have a tape player of my own. Being as I had quite a shortage of other tapes to listen to (Heart), Kenny and Crystal got a lot of play. To this day, I can sing the 'Gambler, 'Coward of the County', 'Lucille', 'Don't It Make My Brown Eyes Blue', 'Cold Shoulder', and several other classics on cue. They are stuck in there like glue.

    My Dad always liked the Statler Brothers and Trucker Music... and we'd all sing along some nights. Usually at his Mama's house. It was nuts- but I can't shake it! Anyone for a little campfire Red Sovine? I know you have all heard the song, 'Convoy' at least... they only get better. But they are fun! My brother and I used to take road trips and to minimize fighting over whose music we were going to listen to, we had all the 'TRUCKIN' FAVORITES', and other $4.99 gas station tapes. I will always treasue the memory of my older brother belting out Tina Turner-- well!

    I grew up in Georgia in the late 70's. Our Kindergarten Graduation Ceremony included us all doing a little dance to 'Elvira'. I frickin' LOVED that song... without a clue about what it was about! There is a restaurant several towns over, called the 'Hungry House Cafe', and I can't resist! Every time we drive by, I break out in song. It was literally only months ago that my DH realized that it was a REAL song- he thought I was making it up! Oy! And he didn't have me committed??!!

    My bonus is that my kids love to hear me sing. My son likes it when I sing old Janis Joplin songs or quirky songs... and any song with a swear word in it- he's 11- it's the thrill of the forbidden! He'll ask for a blues song and then my girls will want 'The Wheels on the Bus', or any other of the assortment of kids songs I know.

    My mother always sang the protest songs from the Vietnam Era, so I know many of those, even the political ones that had no relevance to myslf or my mother who didn't live in Boston, but knew all the words to George O'Brien's campaign song about Charlie and the MTA. My husband thinks we are all certifiable. Except I secretly have him hooked on Pete Seeger (shhh. Don't tell anyone!).

    I would be astounded if there were a link to FMS. Some sort of Diseased-Savant! Thanks for bringing it up, Minimonkey!

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  7. minimonkey

    minimonkey New Member

    That is pretty funny! I don't know -- just seems this FMS thing does odd things to our information-processing capacities.

    I used to work at a home for autistic adults -- we had one high-functioning guy there who could literally recite the entire Guinness Book of World Records. You could ask him who held the record for any obscure thing, and he could tell you, as well as the page on which to find it.

    But, he couldn't remember my name, or brush his teeth by himself. Since FMS may have some distant connection to autism, I wondered if the memory thing was a part of it.

    Yes, I've written little songs in order to remember information for exams, too -- pretty hokey, but it works. Of course, then I'm doomed to remember my little song forever!
  8. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    and remember. One nursing student found it helpful to play the piano when she was studying. (You'd think that would be distracting.)

    OK, let's try some lyrics:

    "All the way, From your first cigarette
    till your last dying day."

    (Hint: it's from a great musical. An old one. Well, it'd have to be old as far as I'm concerned. The new ones seem to be lacking in great tunes.)

    "And these few precious days, I'll spend with you."

    "Alabaster cities gleam, undimmed by human tears."

    "Know every engineer on every train,
    All of their children and all of their names."

    "I'll be gone 500 miles for the day is done."

    And finally: **!@##$!++**!&!!

    The last one is easy.

    Answer to the last one:

    Any rap song.

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  9. dononagin

    dononagin New Member

    I think it...

    Now the valley cries with anger
    mount your horses draw your swords
    and they killed the mountain people
    and they won their just reward

    now they stand upon the mountain
    by the treasure dark and red
    turn the stone and look beneath it

    Peace on earth was all it said..

    one of my favorites too..
  10. LollieBoo

    LollieBoo New Member

    I have looked everywhere, asked all over- only to get blank stares! You Rock!
  11. Bruin63

    Bruin63 Member

    I know FMS has a lot of Unknown Symptoms, , ,
    I never thought of my ability to Remeber songs, so well was one of them.
    I chalked it up to the fact I have been around Music all my life.
    My Mom did Musical's, Grandma was a Classic Pianoist (sp?
    now why can't I spell, huh? lol)

    Anyway, I am now old enough to remember songs, that were Popluar when they were Young, plus the ones, from my Lifetime.

    I also do Karakoe, Used to have my own Bus. for awhile doing show's. I find doing Karakoe in the am helps to stimuliat the Brain, drives my Neighbors nuts, lol, But it sure relax's me.

    Are you the One that people will call out of the Blue to ask You about a song? I get that too.
    And if I can't remember it, it will Drive me crazy, till I do. ;o)