Anyone else also have chronic respiratory problem? Question

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    This is for anyone with a chronic respiratory problem (like COPD) who uses bronchodilators daily, every x hours & has been on them awhile. In my own case, awhile is 9 years.

    Last year I had an appointment with a new pulmonologist. Not sure what all he'd want to do, I went ahead and left off the inhalers for a few hours. By the time I saw the dr., I was so noticeably "in slow motion" he ordered a thyroid test. I told him I thought it was because I had left off my meds, but he said he'd never seen this kind of result from that. I moved slow, I talked slow, my thinking was slowed down, etc. I was already struggling with regular fatique/exhaustion, etc., but this was extremely magnified.

    Several months later, the rheumys decided that I have fibromyalgia. In my reading posts and other info, I've seen mention of feeling as if you have cement blocks tied to your limbs. That's it! That day, I had cement blocks tied to every part of my body.

    What I wonder is, can the bronchodilators, which are stimulants, be masking/helping the cement blocks? Maybe that's how I'd feel every day without them?

    Anybody else have this experience? I'm just curious.

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    I have had breathing problems for a long time . I always have a dry cough I feel like I could cough up my lungs, My doc would joke with me something like " Well sounds like you need to change brands maybe try a menthol" I don't smoke and never have but the doctor thought it was funny since he did not know why I felt like I could not breathe or catch my breath. Every time I feel that way i get a pain in my chest not heart but it is the sharpist pain I have ever had. I sould go to the hospital and they would put a pulse oxcimitor on and it would read 98 ,87,99, 100. Nothing ever went below 96. But there is nothing worng that anyone can tell me. I just sound like I have croup without the high pitched cough mine is lower. But I have never been told what it is or why I get it. Thanks Rosemarie
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    Anybody else on long term daily meds for respiratory problem? bump
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