Anyone else always sick?

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    I was wondering if anyone else is always sick with a flu or a cold with only a day or two without it. I have had either a flu or cold for the past six months. I am always sick. I don't mean flu like symptoms that go along with
    Fibromyalgia, which I do have.

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    Dear Lynn,

    Although I don't often post, I read this board alot. Somehow it gives me support knowing I am not alone. For several years I was told my Fibromyalgia/CFS was "all in my head", I needed to "get out more", "exercise", etc. because of the lack of tests to confirm anything was wrong with me.
    I finally found a wonderful doctor who (a woman) who diagnosed me. I have improved some over the past 2 years, but for the last 3 months, I have contiually (seems like) have been sick. It is different from my fibromyalgia and has literally kept me in the bed for days, then I'll feel
    better for a few days and it's back. From a cold,to what feels like the flu. I haven't been to the doc, and you know what really makes me mad? Even after finally being "officially" diagnosed, entered into a pain clinic, do aquatic exercises, so many people that thought for so long I was a winer, looking for attention, etc. STILL don't believe I have chronic pain and fatigue. But you know what? I don't worry with them anymore.....I'm a 36 year old widow with two beautiful boys and that keeps me going.
    So Lynn, are we going to talk to our doc about this? I get so sick of doctors. I hope you are feeling better and God Bless You.
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    You know, I never thought about allergies. Our immune systems are definitely in overdrive. Before this past three months, I didn't feel this way. I was diagnosed finally with Fibromyalgia approximately 3 years ago and I have it pretty bad. I do all the right things, don't like taking oxycontin 3 times a day, plus Vicoden for break through that is sometimes every several hours and flexeril, but I've been through so many meds and oxycontin has helped me more than anything else, but the pain never really goes away.
    But I keep my chin up and keep plugging and plan to continue as long as I can. I'm only 36 and it sucks to have something that most doctors dont recognize, yet basically you don't (or can't)have much of a life:)
    God Bless
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    I have RARELY been sick (cold/flu) since to onslaught of this DD. Yes, I have the allergies & infections that come with the package, but sick? can't remember the last time I had a cold. I think this may have to do with all the supplements most of us take to keep our systems healthier.

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    Hi Lynn,

    Catching everything that comes along actually makes sense considering the state of our immune systems, however, in my case I'm pretty much homebound or bedridden and think I may be missing colds, flus and bugs by not having alot of contact with people. Of course, there's always that high infestation of germs you encounter at the doctor's office. I wonder too about the amount of time I spend down resting might actually be helping my body fight anything else that comes along. Prior to CFS/FM I seemed to catch alot of bugs. The previous post regarding allergies makes excellent sense. My daughter had a real rough year with colds a few years ago and had allergy testing and now shots. She has not caught a thing since then. Best of luck. Tulip
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    I am just the opposite I guess. I had a cold 10 years ago. I have had maybe 12 in 50 years and maybe the flu a time or two.

    Everything else seems to be fibro related. My husband just got his first cold in five years..and Praise to God..I did not get it. I guess having this stuff for a lifetime has SOME kinda up side to it..huh?

    I would check out the allergy side of things like the others have suggested.

    Have a great weekend! ...Sherry
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    For the past 15 years I have had no peace with allergies/sinus infections/bronchitis/urinary tract infections almost constantly. And the latest additions are walking pneumonia and diverticulitis, which shows that the immune system is not getting better but worse over the years. And now I am convinced that either the HV6 virus or Mycoplasma may be the reason for these constant infections.
    If you go to the Library, there are quite a few good articles written about it.
    Take care, Lucky
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    For the first half of my illness I hardly went down with anything going around although I was at times aware that coming into contact with one would aggravate my symptoms and make me more unwell.

    Then it went the other way completely. Now I go down with almost everything; but less tummy bugs, so the probiotics etc must be helping there.

    I know of several people with CFS who say they actually feel better just before the symptoms of a virus start, this happens to me. So if I feel a bit better I have to try not to assume I'm about to go down with something.

    The messages on this post certainly seem to confirm the immune dysfunctions in both CFS and FM.


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    Hi Everyone,
    Thanks for the responses. Yes, I do have allergies.
    It was when I went to the allergist in 1994 to be tested for allergies that I asked the dr. to confirm or refute
    that I had FMS. Both my chiropractor and back surgeon didn't think I had it but they didn't check me out - they just thought I would be worse. Well, I am worse now!

    Last year my beloved mother was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. Around that time I had just started
    feeling better with FMS after using my neighbor's
    new hot tub. I was well for my mother and went to all
    her drs. appts and stayed at hospital most of day of her
    surgery. I had to come home and sleep for about
    five days to recover from her surgery! She was doing
    better than I was. I continued to be okay, using my neighbor's hot tub (you may as well just say it is mine).
    I went to all my mother's chemo's with her. She then
    got a blood clot. More trouble. She did okay. Then
    we found out last May that she had a huge mass in
    her abdomen and everything went down hill with me
    since then. I am best friends with my mother and the
    emotional toll the news of probable ovarian cancer
    damn near killed me! Everyone said they were sure
    she had ovarian cancer. Come to find out - they
    were wrong!!!!!! It was just a fibroid. She was in the
    hospital for eight days and my brother and I stayed
    in the hospital's hospitatlity suite the entire time.
    When we came home from the hosptial, I was extremely exhausted. I believe it is from the physical
    and emotional toll of this ordeal with my mother.
    I have basically been bedridden since a year ago
    May. I went with her a few times for her bc radiation
    but that was it. And a few of her drs. I last saw
    my FMS dr. the end of last Sept. That was the last
    time I left the house! The week I went to see my
    dr I came down with a terrible flu and I have had
    it off and on since then. I am always sick and always
    tired. My sleep cycle is all screwed up. I can't
    sleep until between 6 and 9 a.m. I sleep all
    day, but wake up frequently. I live with my mother
    and feel so bad that we hardly see each other.
    I get up around 4 or 5 pm for dinner and tv together and
    then back up to bed. I have no life. I had a drs
    appt in March with rheumy but I cancelled and he renewed scripts over the phone. I just can't get up.
    I have no energy. I need to reverse my sleep
    patterns. I hope to get over this latest cold/flu soon
    so I can go into my neighbor's hot tub. It turned my
    cycle around last year and it also helps with
    my anxiety. I don't even care that I don't go anywhere because I feel so sick all the time I have no desire to do
    anything. This is no way to live though. I have many
    health problems which have basically stolen my life
    from me starting with failed back surgery when I
    was 27. That was 14 years ago. I got FMS after the
    back surgery. I guess this is way too long.
    Thanks for listening.
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    Obviously you have a lot going on! Sometimes we just don't know where to start! When my allergies were running amuck, I felt I had the flu all the time. I still deal with serious FMS issues, but when allergies were pinpointed and I avoided foods and desensitized airborns I did feel a whole lot better. If you have not seen your allergist lately, maybe you want to "attack" at least one issue that is doable. Fondly, June
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    After reading your message, I was wondering if you do also have CFS with your FMS. To find a good doctor who understands these illnesses is a must and a rheumy or chiropractor are mostly not the answer. You really have a lot to cope with, and I am sure that proper care by a knowledgeable doctor will help you get some quality of life with the proper meds. Unfortunately, with these illnesses, if nothing else helps, at least some medications will help you to handle your illness better.
    I really wish you luck finding somebody who really understands these illnesses. It will be the first step into the right direction.
    Kind regards, Lucky
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    when i worked,and did too many hours i used to get sick with strep throat and broncitis.since i havent been working i havent gotten sick at all.could you be doing too much?i hope you will feel better soon
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    I have asked my allergist to run the blood test for
    food allergies, etc and he doesn't want to. He said
    I know what I am allergic to and to just avoid them.
    True for obvious things, but I am not sure about others.
    What is it with these drs. who don't want to run blood tests? What skin is it off of their nose?

    I saw another dr. two years ago and he said he thinks that I have CFS and FMS. I assumed that as well anyway due to my sheer exhaustion. He turned
    out to be very cruel and reduced me to tears more
    than once.

    I am hoping to find a holistic dr. if possible when I am
    feeling a bit better. I don't see the chiropractor for
    FMS. I was seeing him for my back problems and he was a godsend and treated me free for many many


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