Anyone else cracking or breaking teeth?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by aafree, Aug 9, 2003.

  1. aafree

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    I'm just curious if anyone else has problems with breaking or cracking teeth (molars). I am kind of new here, so I haven't yet seen a post on this. In the past year I've broken or cracked three teeth (thus, three new crowns) and now I am feeling the distinct sharp pain of another crack! I am probably clenching my teeth at night, so I've decided to get the mouth guard, but it still seems strange that so many teeth have broken. I don't have much jaw pain, so I didn't think I was clenching that hard! Is anyone else dealing with this? Is the mouth guard helpful?

    Thanks so much for any input...
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  2. PatPalmer

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    I`ve had this problem too.

    Used to grind my teeth so much in my sleep that I once chewed a hole right through the back of my mouth guard!
    They`re a good idea, but mine was a bit uncomfortable even though the dentist "who charged a fortune" fitted it.

    I think we do this through stress, i`m not so bad now i`m less stressed.

    Also, did the teeth have fillings?
    The two crowns I have replaced teeth which broke on the inside that had beautiful size fillings... Makes them weaker to wear & tear "not to mention grinding".

    Love Pat.
  3. aduck

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    I have had and do have pretty severe malnutrition due to all my severe food intolerances, I maan so severe I get scary asthma attacks, rashes that lead to cellulitis one time (could have died from that it was so serious I had to have home heatlh nurses coming in 2-3 times a day at doctor's orders).

    Anyway, it may not be just from malnutrition, because I think I read somewhere that FM/CFS patients could have a lack of a certain enzyme in the saliva??? Not sure I got that correct, but you could try to research it or someone here probably knows the article to point you to.

    What do some of you do to be able to afford a dentist, anyway? It's really hard.
  4. lease79

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    And all my teeth are cracked, filled, or totally falling to bits :(
    I need most of them removed & only lord knows how they aren't all full of abcesses :(

  5. IgotYou

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    Part of my problem is hereditary, but I don't think that fully explains it. My molars are awful. I don't clench my teeth, but I've still cracked two of them. I think my long-term undiagnosed gluten intolerance led to malnutrition, and I also have problems with dry mouth.
  6. aafree

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    ... and most of the damage occurs to the filled teeth, but I also broke a big chunk off a crown. I never considered malnutrition because I still think I'm pretty healthy (although things seem to be going wrong left and right nowadays). I suppose I should ask the dr. about it.

    The dr. did mention that the fillings could be contributing to my symptoms, though (toxicity?). Does anyone else agree with this theory?

    Thanks for the replies!

  7. MJJBunny

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    I was told years ago that I grind my teeth at night and I ignored it. I managed to even grind down my front bottom teeth. However when I went to a sleep clinic and they confirmed that I do grind at night, I decided to get a mouth guard.

    I can see on the mouth guard that I do even not only grind the back teeth, but the marks prove that I also grind the front ones too.

    I use the mouth guard every night. Dental work is too expensive to just ignore this problem.
  8. elizabethia

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    broken, cracked and now gone.... i have a nice shinny set of dentures now..... doctor thinks it from when i was very sick with crohns diease ...couldn't eat right throwing up all the time...but now i find myself grinding my teeth alot to the point were my gums a sore...thats the scoop... take care elizabeth
  9. ohmyaching

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    but think that it has more to do an imbalance in my hormones. I've had a hysterectomy and ovariectomy so I must take hormones to maintain the calcium in my bones- and so I assume that also applies to my teeth. Don't think I've found the right hormone balance.
  10. sumbuni

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    I don't know if it goes with cfs/cfids/fms or not...definitely would go along with long term stress, though! (I assume everyone here deals with that little item..STRESS)

    I am in the prossess of getting all my teeth (what I have left) repaired for the 4th time in the last 20 years. I dont know if griding my teeth for 30 years is responsible, but it can''t have helped.

    I not only grind my teeth at night but I tense my facial muscle to the point that I awaken with severe sinus head aches...(and probably more wrinkles, too! LOL)

    I really do think that if we can learn to deal with stress we might actually help our sick little selves to at least get better!

    Sumbuni (is on the road to recovery...I hope!)