Anyone else experience problems with generic Prozac?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by rabbitstoo, May 1, 2003.

  1. rabbitstoo

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    I had taken brand-name Prozac for years until being unemployed and having no insurance so I was off medications for over 10 months. My new doctor prescribed the Prozac again but this time I was given the generic. I am having problems with it similar to what I was having with Paxil - anxiety, nervousness, trouble falling asleep - and I wondered if it is because of the Prozac being generic instead of brand-name (like I was taking before). I had no problems taking the brand-name Prozac except for it taking a few weeks to become effective on the depression. I was diagnosed with a chemical imbalance depression before I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. Does anyone have any comments or suggestions about generic Prozac?

  2. dsames

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    I too take generic Prozac and have for many years for a chemical inbalance which was dx before my fibro was dx.

    I have not noticed any problems with it. Maybe it takes a little while to adjust to the difference.

    Hope you are feeling better soon ,.

  3. rabbitstoo

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    Thank you for the information. I thought they just came out with the generic Prozac a year or so ago which is why I was on the brand-name for rest of the time I was taking it. I am going to stop taking it until I see my doctor again on June 2nd and see what she says then. I just can't handle the side effects right now. Thanks for taking the time to reply.

  4. judywhit

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    St. Johns Wart is very cheap and it will not give you the side effects. I swear by the stuff! Read Prozac Backlash by Dr. Glenmullen.
  5. fibrorebel

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    and I just told my husband today that I definitely have to get off of it as I don't like the effects. I was taking Zoloft and the only thing I had with that is night sweats.
    This stuff on the other hand, tends to make me feel very anxious, agitated,no tolerance for anything! I think the only reason he switched me to Prozac was the cost difference as I don't have insurance. He also just started me on flexeril, which works ok at taking the edge off the pain but I am putting on the pounds soooo fast. I can see I need to get back to the, Rebel
  6. Dorothy45

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    I have been using Prozac for several years off and on for clinical depression. I went back on it, well roght now brain fog, but maybe two years ago. I asked my gyno if it was all in my head, because I could feel a difference between Prozac and generic. He said some people actually do tell the difference. I am now going to a psychiatrist, and I had to switch to generic for insurance/money reason. He also is treating me for a mild form of bi-polar. I have tried several other anti-depressants, and Prozac works the best for me. However, I had to end up taking generic. I think I am finally "use" to the generic. It is working. Yes I am having touble with sleeping and nervousness, but I am not trying to kill myself. That's what my goal was, wen I went to the psych. He was the one that suggeted I suffered from fm. Now I am mentally fit, but other fm symptoms are becoming stronger and more pronounced. I guess this is part of fm. Atleast, I don't have a rope around my neck. Do go to a psychiatrist, because they know more about depression. My psych saved my life! I finally don't feel like a nut". All these years of dealing with little aches and infections, and depression made me feel like I was going crazy. Good luck. It's hard to be patient, but with the help of this support group, and a good doctor you might beable to find mental comfort.