Anyone else experienced this?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by EllenComstock, Sep 11, 2003.

  1. EllenComstock

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    I have noticed here that some people with FM have experienced numbness in various parts of the body. The last several years I have noticed in my lower legs that I don't always feel things like when an insect bites me. Last night I was outside and saw a misquito on my right ankle. I never felt it. When I swat it, it had definitely been biting me so it wasn't as though it had just landed and not bitten yet. Yet when I run my hand over the area, I can feel my hand. Anyone else had this happen? I am assuming it is because of the FM that I am experiencing this.

  2. EllenComstock

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    It's nice to know someone else has experienced this, too. By the way my name is actually Ellen. I think today is an off day for me. For some reason I put an "O" at the end of my name!

  3. rdthewave

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    I have definitely had my share of experiences with numbness....I won't go into detail because I don't want to alarm anyone......cuz I really don't think my case is very common. I can tell you over the years of researching I have come across info. that explains how the myelin sheath can be affected by CFS or FM. The myelin sheath is the protective covering of the nerves. I used to think this only happened with MS but according to some articles I've read it can also happen to people with CFS.

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    Unfortunately, my experiences with such episodes have exceeded the buggie bites.... I have so often burned myself & have had delayed reactions along with my worst ever area is in the kitchen when cooking...or preparing meals...I can actually CONSCIOUSLY concentrate on NOT cutting myself...OR being extremely careful....and by golly gee....the blood always reveals>>"Uh_oh, smurfy is at it again..." Also my BIGGEST thing is ...finding innumerable bruises or small scrapes & cuts ALL over my body....usually it is others pointing out to me, saying>..."oohh my, what did you do there???..." I look and have NO IDEA... But even more ironic, is I have bruises in some of the strangest unexplainable on the side of my foot BUT long as my foot...or totally surrounding my small toe ...or in the arch of my feet...or at my wrists or the center of my palms?????? Kinda weird areas ...huh?? I have noticed that pain sensation being extremely elavated where it matters...& the small stuff just doesn't get my attention until we see it!!! Weird indeed....
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    Hi Ellen, yes i experience the feeling of numbness too it happens in various parts of my body. I just took it for granted it was caused by the fibro. Min