Anyone Else Flaring Due to Weather?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by ksp56, Dec 17, 2011.

  1. ksp56

    ksp56 Member

    I live in NE Indiana. My pain has been horrid due to endless percipitation over the last several days. I know the country has been saturated with rain. My husband, who is an understanding man, is frustrated with this DD. He just told me "There has to be something to help you.." LOL Yep, moving out of this misereable climate would be the best med I could have! Due to his employment being in this area, I don't think that is likely. Having a job is of the upmost importance. Especially in this day and age!

    I have some pain meds, and use herbs, supps, etc., but I think this long run of bad weather is shutting them all down. It's the type of pain where I'm uncomfortable if I stand, walk, sit, change position's, lay in bed, etc. Arm's burning, feet burning, leg's aching and burning, etc. My heating pad's and electric throw are working overtime. And none of it is enough.

    Just thought I'd see if I'm in good company. Not that I wan't any of you to feel bad!

    I have about 5 rubs, otc patches, etc., and can't decide whether to waste the time or not. Not much relief by OTC products.. Decision time!

  2. KerryK

    KerryK Member

    Here in Calgary, we are subject to frequent weather changes and they are very very hard on me too. One useful topical treatment is a super hot pepper extract. It can be very effective, though must be used sparingly.

    Good luck.
  3. ksp56

    ksp56 Member

    I will respond to each post when I am not in so much pain. It only became worse as the day wore on, yesterday.

    Jam, yes, I would imagine you are experiencing a flare. Flaring is when your symptoms become much worse, due to any number of factors. In my case, weather changes are my downfall. Keep doing what you're doing.

    Here's to a better day for us all..

  4. clementyne

    clementyne New Member

    I, too, live in Indiana & you're right! This weather is horrid for my pain level. Tornado weather is especially bad for me so I guess it could be worse.

    I have tried so very many drugs to control the pain but until recently nothing has worked for me except the Vicodin & even that provides only limited relief. I am very excited by a new drug I started about a week & a half ago. Savella, my Dr. said to give it a month but I have already seen my pain level decrease.

    I'm afraid to get too excited but so far I haven't had any side effects @ all & as I said my pain is down. Last week, I only took about half of my usual daily pain medication.

    Hope you feel better soon.

  5. ksp56

    ksp56 Member

    Your symptom's sound too familiar, unfortunately. No one can understand how bad we feel. And on top of having Fibro/CFS there are always other complication's in other area's of our health.

    I am thinking of you and hope you start to feel better soon. Even if it doesn't get much better, sometime's a little relief feel's better.

    Take care! It's nice meeting you! We can share together what is going on with our lives..

  6. ksp56

    ksp56 Member

    Thanks for joining in!

    I imagine winters in Calgary can be tough! It is the constant weather changes that make my fibro even worse. And who thought it could be any worse, right? LOL

    I use Capsascian (sp) that's base is hot peppers. It does help, but no matter how many time's I wash my hand's, I still manage to touch my eye area. Feel as if I'm going blind! I tried ice today and it did help freeze the pain, literally. Felt much better than heat today.

    Take care! Let me know how this winter treats you..

  7. rkidd3423

    rkidd3423 New Member

    It's funny how the weather affects everyone differently. For me, it's the rain or the extreme cold. I can deal with tornado weather as long as it's warm outside. I am currently off all my medication (I couldn't afford $300/month). I have tried everything under the sun and nothing seems to help. It works for about a month and then the pain, burning and fatigue are back in full force. I am working 40 hours a week but I have no idea how much longer I can keep this up. I tried to soak in an Epsom salt bath but it seemed to make my skin more sensitive and I actually hurt worse once I got out. Has this happened to anyone else? My sleep is completely disrupted and nothing seems to help. I have Fibro, Myofascial pain syndrome and degenerative disc disease...along with a ton of other illnesses.

    It's nice to vent with people who understand and are dealing with this. From all the posts I have read...there is no 1 miracle drug that works for all and that's the frustrating part.

  8. dleh

    dleh New Member

    I to am most effected by the weather. I can't even explain the gamut of symptoms that occur when I'm affected. I've been on so many meds since this all started. I'm now only on Lyrica, which doesn't seem to help on my worse days. I become so frustrated at times because I can't go back to how I was before all of this. I want my old life (body) back again..but I know that won't happen.
    I get some comfort in reading others post's on how they are doing and cooping. I don't fully understand this FM and most likely wont. It's so difficult trying to explain how you are feeling to someone who has no clue, so it's nice to connect with others who understand.
    I advise anyone considering Cymbalta to do research. Being on that drug only a short time exasperated all my symptoms. If I'd stayed on it any longer I may not be here now, seriously.
    This all manifested due to my cancer treatments. I owe my doctor much gratitude for his aggressive approach to my treatments, but I have to say that ending up with the outcome, was it worth it, a life time of pain? I pray for all that a solution is one day found for all with this.
  9. MJSLawrence

    MJSLawrence New Member

    I find there's really no happy medium...or maybe just where I am. Thru the summers the humidity has me swollen and throbbing, the winter cold and moisture is brutal and even between seasons it's always raining and having the same effect anyways. lol. If there's somewhere in the world where all of these things can be eliminated lemme know please! lol
  10. MJSLawrence

    MJSLawrence New Member

    I can't agree more. I suffered for years before I finally sought help for this and was diagnosed and I have never felt so alone with something before. No matter how hard my wife and family try they just don't understand what it really is or what I'm feeling because there's no way to ever explain this in any real, understandable way unless they've FELT it.

    It is so nice to read thru these forums and find so many common issues here.
  11. Allen

    Allen Member

    One of the most common side effects for most people. Going from hot to cold weather and the reverse is a killer and often causes us to go into severe Fibro flare ups. Some times flare -ups are not from weather changes and just appear...and who the heck knows why.
  12. lvjesus

    lvjesus Member

    My doc put me on Savella a few months ago for fatigue. It works like magic! I was getting much worse and this has really helped. After the initial period of working up to the regular dosage I was on 50 mg twice a day. The first couple of months my pain was way down also. Bad news is that after 2 or 3 months it didn't help with pain any more. I even had my dosage increased but even at 100mg twice a day my pain was the same.

    It was nice having less pain but I really need it for the fatigue and it works wonders for that so I am glad. I hope it works well for you too.
  13. clementyne

    clementyne New Member

    That's interesting to me ... I have not had any difference in the fatigue. In fact, I slept almost all day today! Of course, I did have my niece & nephew the last 4 days for 10 hrs each day & I took them to the Children's Museum yesterday!

    I have been on it for a month now & I'm pretty happy. It's not that I don't have pain but it is much less than normal! I told my DH that if I didn't have pain I might think I was paralyzed!

    I would love to have more energy so I'm going to believe that will happen for me!

    Be Blessed,
  14. Saoirse3

    Saoirse3 Member

    Aw, Calgary, you've got WONDERFUL weather! LOL! Just kidding, just kidding! I'm in Alaska and we got 4 feet of snow today and it's still snowing. But at least it's above zero. The dryness makes me itch so much! It's a fine, powdery snow that you have to add water to to make a snowball! Every time we went into a store today, we had to clean the car off. After awhile I ached so much I wanted to cry. Plus, we had a family crisis over the holidays, so my stress level is somewhere orbiting Neptune.

    I found organic coconut oil to be the very best moisturizer I have tried. It cures the winter itchies in no time. The Meriva and B-6 complex has finally kicked in, so I don't feel like I am being dragged by a moose. But I have to tweak my combo almost every week.

    And finally, I just asked God to get me through winter. I said "Look, you know me better than anyone. And what's best for me. I'm having a bad time and really need you to take over for awhile. Whatever you decide is okay by me." At least He never gets tired of hearing me gripe!


    PITATOO Member

    There is no doubt in my mind that weather has a big impact on this disease. Can't handle the heat, humidity, cold rain. I need to move to Sand Diego or Costa Mesa where weather is 70 and sunny almost every day. This has been a crazy fall and winter so far. All the rain here in Mich. It has really taken it's toll on me. I want to visit my sister so bad in New Orleans but the heat and humidity , even this time of year would do me in. Winter does not bother me so bad, it is the constant changes in barometrec pressure. If I could afford it I would move and if my kids have a play in it also. But not sure how I can take the weather, it is worse and worse every year.
  16. Saoirse3

    Saoirse3 Member

    And though it is idyllic MOST of the time, there are a few seasons that will make you cry. People sometimes forget that San Diego is still a desert. When the Santa Ana winds blow, it can get up to 115. It's like a furnace. Don't forget to add sand to the mix.

    January and February can be completely rainy every single day. After a couple of weeks you just want it to END.

    June has what's called "June Gloom". Overcast, but no rain. And no fun!

    Add a few earthquakes, brush fires, mudslides and you have San Diego.

    Actually, I don't think there is a perfect climate on the entire planet! LOL!

    Soft hugs,
  17. rkidd3423

    rkidd3423 New Member

    I must say I'm not looking forward to what is coming in the next few days! When I woke up this morning it was 25 degrees...cold weather hurts me so bad. It will be up to 56 today so I should feel better by the end of the day; however, the rain and snow move in tomorrow and Thursday so I will be lucky to be able to get up and go to work. The extreme heat and humidity actually help me...go figure! It's the damp and cold that wreak havoc on me and make it hard to function!

    Stacey...if you happen to find the "perfect" climate...clue us in so we can ALL move! :)


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