Anyone else from Alaska or Canada?

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    I think a big part of my problem with CF is lack of sunlight. I do so much better in the summers here in Alaska, but as soon as we start losing daylight my energy level goes way down and I have more problems. I have several light boxes and I think they help, but they're still not the same as the sun. Does anyone else experience this?
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    .. southern Ontario, but I still find I get kinda down in the winter if it stays grey and cloudy for too long. The sun cheers me up in winter, especially sunshine on snow, even though it usually means it's colder, and driving is tough when the sun in low in the sky.

    My computer was in the basement in the old house and there was no window. I hated it but had nowhere else to set up my link to the world (internet). Then we moved and I am still in the basement but this one has a window. Makesa big difference.

    I spend too long on the pooter every day.
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    I take Vit D supplement, but not sure it is helping. We have such a sharp contrast from summer to winter with sunshine that the last few years it has been so much clear to me just how much worse I feel in the winters. Of course ,the kids are back to school which means they bring all the bugs home with them and I just seem to start going down hill fast. We went on vacation about 3 -4 years ago to Calif in October and I thought I would just have to rest a lot in the hotel room and couldn't believe how much better I felt and how much energy I had. I swear it was mostly the sun. Even after getting home the effect lasted for a while. I was able to do a lot more on vacation than I would have at home during those 7 days. I know just change of scenery - especially a welcome one - can boost emotional wellbeing, but I felt like a poor little flower that been left in a dark box for a while and then stuck in a window with the sun shinning on it.
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    I will check out the info. I have low levels of vit d. I see a good md that mostly works in alternative medicine and she is good. I just need sunshine. I was hoping to find another Alaskan with similar problem.

    Yes, we do have GREAT seafood and the men aren't bad looking....
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    I'm a Candian living in Calgary Alberta. I spent all last winter waiting for the summer as I felt this would help with my exhaustion. Needless to say, it has made no difference in the way I feel. in fact I have made several changes, including diet and supplements, but have yet to find anything that has helped me.