Anyone else get bone crushing, nauseating one-sided jaw pain?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by islandgirl2, Nov 10, 2005.

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    This has bothered me for five years..and happens when I'm sitting, standing and lying down. It has happened when I least expect it...never at night however when I'm asleep or just wake up. It comes on within about one minute with no other warning than a weird feeling that I need to stop and give this my full attention because it is going to hurt like is going to make me feel like I need to stop talking, lie down and pray I don't die. What is it? I finally came to the conclusion it might be related to fibromyalgia. I do have TMJ...but this is different. It scared my oldest daughter so much she wanted to immediately take me to the hospital when she was with me and I just froze in pain. In 5 to 10 minutes its all gone but those minutes leave me terror stricken that something is very wrong. My right lower jaw feels like it is being crushed and it is totally immobilizing. I really would like some feed back on this and am curious to know if anyone else has had anything similar anywhere in their body that only happens 3 or 4 times a year..but happens year afer year. are all such a big help on this board.
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    Hi Islandgirl2
    I have had some pain similar--off and on since last November. It came on after lotsa dental repairs. Anyway, I think--(self Dx. here....) that it is 'trigeminal neuralgia'. Look for info on it...see if your symptoms match. It is VERY painful---. Hope this helps.
    It can be part of MS/Lupus type diseases. A problem with a cranial nerve. My rheumy said that fibro can include it also.

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    and in my case it was a traumatic bone cyst (medical insurance covers the surgery) it is a simple operation but go to a dentist or better yet an oral surgeon and have them take a panoramic x-ray to rule this in or out.
  4. islandgirl2

    islandgirl2 New Member both were right. I do have trigeminal the info you suggested and I was astounded. It described this weird pain perfecly and as usual I was a textbook case it seems....over 50, female, right sided jaw pain, getting divorced during the first incident, stressed out, pain so bad you can't move like nothing else ever.....even fibro pain that I've experienced. I was worried it might be heart related as it sometimes shows up as jaw pain during a heart attack. I do have a leaky heart valve and am type A blood so I'm at a little greater risk. If not that I thought it could be related to fibro...but this makes more sense. My daught will be relived. I'm glad I didn't get an emergency room bill for a non-life threatening condition. Thanks again to all who posted answers.
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    As you mentioned--you seem to fit the picture, but if there is ANY CHANCE that it COULD BE heart related--PLEASE DO GO GET IT CHECKED!!! I too have a leaky valve and have had heart related issues ruled out--yeah a trip to ER for me toooooo. However, DH had bad jaw pain for a couple of days off an on... and figured it was like mine and would NOT go to Drs. Monthes later, during his annual physical, Dr. told him from looking at ekg that he probably had had an "incident" in the past----Next time he's going to the ER!!! Don't wanna scare you--probably IS TN--(a lousy condition that I don't wish on anyone! :( ) But, please do see your regual Dr. to check--OK? With this DD, it is easy to 'assume' it is the Fibro....
    Take care,

  6. cshellz

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