anyone else get "the sweats?"

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by GinnyB, Apr 22, 2009.

  1. GinnyB

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    If I asked this before, I apologize. My memory's not so good these days. I get spells when I'm so hot the sweat pours off me. I have to change clothes, take a shower and shampoo. I can the air conditioning back, but the rest of the family's not too comfortable at 60 degrees. Is this fibro, or thyroid, or what?


  2. isiselixir

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    I get something like that, only not as severe. Like if I try to exercise I sweat more and feel more faint and feverish than I normally would. I suggest you do get your thyroid tested and get some other tests. For me it is just part of my CFS as far as I know but it could be due to blood sugar issues as well. I don't know. I don't have Fibro though. Good luck finding out!
  3. andreake

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    It could be a side effect of a medication you are on.
  4. faithinlove

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    I get these spells too. My house is so cold but it is just right to me. I just break out in sweats for no reason. They do not last very long and nothing seems to bring them on. For me, I have been told it is the fibro. I know it is not a good thing for the ones around us. My personal thermostat to my body appears to be broken.
    Love Faith
  5. TigerLilea

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    Could you possibly be starting perimenopause?
  6. znewby

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    My daughter gets the sweats but only at night when sleeping. She has to change to the other side of the bed. It is quite excessive. She is not close to perimenopause. Perhaps it is related to diabetes insipidus or goodness knows what? something to do with cfs.
  7. cynicaldog

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    I'd suggest getting your thyroid checked, too, and ask for a thyroid antibody test for Hashimoto's. It can be a symptom of so many things, (even regional oddities like coccidioidmycosis), but since so many of us have thyroid problems, that's probably a sensible place to start.
  8. elliespad

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    I have been getting sweats, but only at night. Started maybe a month or less ago. Don't know what's up with that. Had a complete thyroidectomy Nov 07 and was the coldest person alive ever since. Once I got my thyroid dose up to a human dose, I turned into just being cold, not the coldest person alive. In the last few weeks or month, I reduced my dose of Armour by 30 mg, as I was having uncomfortable cardiac symtpoms. Reducing thyroid should make me colder, not warmer.

    I am right age for perimenopause, 51, but these are only happening at night, so don't know. I have the a/c in my room set to "arctic' practically and still I woke up sweating.

    Don't think it's related, but my weakness is more severe than ever, and am actually caving in and ordering arm crutches, probably this week. I hate this.
  9. cynicaldog

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    I know this thread started as a topic about sweating in general, but as we've veered into night sweats territory, I thought this page from WebMD was interesting: . Please don't anyone panic about the mentions of cancer and TB and such... what interested me were #5 and #6. Per #5, I don't think I've ever before read that antidepressants commonly cause night sweats.