Anyone else have a problem with......

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  1. Hi,
    Anyone else have a problem with vertigo (dizziness)? I have had this since being diagnosed with FMS 6 years ago. Thanks!
  2. shonshona

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    i have had fms...for many years and was dx 6 yrs ago ..
    i have to use sticks now...but one reason is becasue i have bad dizzy spells and i can fall over..
    don't know why this happens tho..

    keep well
  3. Bunnylover

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    I have verigo a lot. Some times worse than others. Dr. gave me antivert for it. He told me it had something to do with inner ear. If you have had colds and sinus problems a lot debris starts floating around in your inner ear and makes your balance off. Antivert helps control it. I think its one of the worse things Ive had to contend with. Terri
  4. bossyboots

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    what is fms. i have had dizzy spells for about 4 years now and but for tablets i wouldnt go out or be able to drive. the first time it happened i didnt know what was happening i was so frightened. i dont go shopping on my own just so someone is with me. i havent had a full blown dizzy spell which last for about 2 hours for 18 months but i get warning if im late with my tablets. my medication is my best friend because without it i wouldnt have a life
  5. meandyou

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    I've been getting the dizziness for 12 years now. It comes and than it goes for awhile. I also have TMJ so that may have something to do with it. My dizziness went away for a few years than one day it just came out of nowwhere. I really hate it. I do notice it gets worse when I get upset. Please let me know your story. Medicine doesn't work for me. E me with your info.


  6. Dolly2

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    Yes I`ve got vertigo problems as well,About 6-7years now,but the doctor gave me Stematils 5mg and as soon as I feel a bad one coming on I take a tablet and carry on for about 36-48hours and no more dissyness they work realy well! Still got to be careful turning your head from side to side quickly in supermarket but I used to find if I carry the tablets in my bag and just take one till I got home it did the trick. I did find you tend not to want to go out but my daughters bought me a mobile phone and it gave me the freedom to go out on my own again cause I allways knew I could sit down ring them and someone would allways come and get me and take me home.I still loose me balence going through a door now and again but it dont bother me infact we all have a good laugh about it.Anyway hope this is of some use to you good luck. Dolly2
  7. Dingaling

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    fayebear, I had a lot of trouble with dizziness and it was suppose to be caused by inner ear. I had a test for inner ear and I did not have a inner ear problem.
    As it turned out I had a B/P around 220/100 and finally got my doctor to refer me to a Neurologist and she found that I had a block subclavian artery. My doctor assured me that a block artery would not cause my dizziness or my high B/P.
    I had the surgery in Feb of this year. My blood presssure is almost normal now and the I have not dizziness since. Once in a while I feel like I am going to get dizzy and I take dramamine instead of antivert. I feel much better since that surgery. Dizziness can be caused by a lot of things. It is worth seeing a neurologist. Some doctors think they know every thing.
  8. jbg

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    I have many dizzy spells. I was told it was because of my low blood pressure. So low sometimes they can't get a reading on it. But it also probably related to the FM.
    Have a Wonderful Day!!!